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Ever wondered how a search engine decides how to rank the websites that it brings up after you’ve typed in what you’re looking for? Businesses that come up first on the list of results don’t just get there by accident. In fact, creating a website that starts to build a relationship with patients is just one of the things that a company like multi-award winning Dental Focus specialising in Dental Marketing does. Being at the top of a search engine list can mean that there are more hits on your webpage, which should convert to more interest in your dental practice. While it is possible to attempt to monitor search engine optimisation (SEO) impact, choosing to have a third party to do this for you can save you a lot of time, effort and stress.

Why should I consider support with marketing?

Many people may believe that marketing their own company can be done for free – for example, there are many free web domains, website addresses and email addresses available. However, getting this website to get on to anybody’s radar can be a lot harder and with dental patients often looking for a quick solution to their problem, you need a website that is modern, fresh and builds a relationship from the start. A marketing company can help to do this successfully and Dental Focus has created a 7P’s approach – Profile, Premises, People, Prices, Promises, Proofs and Products.

Why does the 7P’s approach work?

With patients scouring the internet for their local dentist, something has to differentiate one practice from another. The 7P’s approach aims to highlight unique selling points, the ethos of the practice, the people who work there, the environment of the practice with the promise of excellent customer service and a clear pricing structure. Having branded treatment packages and patients’ testimonies also creates a more personalised experience that patients can relate to better. By doing this, it helps prospective patients to make a positive decision about the dental practice in the first few minutes that they are likely to spend perusing the webpage. In a fast culture, first impressions are everything and a skilled marketing company like Dental Focus will ensure that the success rate of conversions to patients from visitors to the web page is high.


What else can a marketing company do?

While choosing a marketing company for creating a website is important, you also want it to be seen by the general public. Having a social media presence and Google My Business listing is essential to ensuring that your practice is found easily with a search engine entry. Marketing companies will offer packages to help manage your Search Engine Optimisation, creating a blog, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter presence. In the 21st century, you need to be everywhere and a marketing company will keep on top of this for you.

Getting to the top of a search engine results page isn’t easy. It takes time, consistent effort and monitoring of trends, along with content creation and management of that content. For many dental practices, treatments can appear fresh and exciting, increasing traffic on your page and footfall in your practice; employing a marketing company can be the answer to creating this SEO strategy in a compliant way.

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