How I Successfully Overcame Acne

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struggling with acneI have always struggled with acne. It started when I was a teenager and lasted up until I was in my mid-20s. I used to buy everything that I thought would help when it comes to clearing my skin: different types of toners, cleansers, creams, oils, essences—you name it; I have most definitely tried it. Nothing cleared up my problematic skin until I found two products that changed my skin game forever.

A friend referred these products to me, and I am so thankful that they did. It is a combo—a skin toner and facial cleanser all in one set. They are both from Kedma Cosmetics, a brand that I truly trust and one that I have found to have excellent products when it comes to skincare and makeup.

The skin toner has glycerin, aloe extract, and niacinamide, which all helps with clearing problematic skin. The milk cleanser has aloe extract, glycerin, Dead Sea salts, and other ingredients that can help the skin look and feel smooth and plump. Both are gentle enough not to irritate the skin, and believe it or not, I have found that my skin cleared up in just a month! Sure, there are still some acne marks and scars left on my skin, but I can see a noticeable change since using both products.

I use the toner and the cleanser every morning and night—once upon waking up and once before I go to bed. I never go to bed with my makeup on, which is one tip that I learned from my dermatologist. She said that I should double cleanse at night— remove my makeup, and then use a mild cleanser. I also use a toner to make sure that no trace of makeup is on my face.

Another thing that my dermatologist has told me is that I should always moisturize at night. The skin replenishes itself and rejuvenates at night, which is why it is a must to give it all the nutrients that it needs during the night. She also said to take your time when applying skincare and cleansers, and you should never tug on your skin when doing so. Pulling your skin can result in premature wrinkles. You might not see these wrinkles right away, but they will eventually build up if you keep on tugging on your skin.

putting moisturizer

You should always use sunscreen to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun, especially if you decide on going to the beach or you enjoy spending time under the sun. The sun can ruin your skin and cause lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and even acne and blemishes.

If you do not believe what I have written here and you feel like it is too good to be true, then go ahead and get these products today so that you can try them for yourself. You can also seek the advice of a dermatologist if you want to have peace of mind. You have to think critically before using any beauty product.

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