Grave Diseases Associated With Common Household Pests

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Most people assume an “out of sight and out of mind” approach when dealing with household pests. This is because they only consider them a nuisance they can avoid by keeping them out of sight. To this end, they will buy products touted as the best for keeping pests hidden and assume the problem has been handled effectively. Unfortunately, the pests remain active and proliferate. This necessitates costly control measures in the future and, at times, irreparably damages your home’s structure and furnishings.

Professional pest control measures for your Virginia Beach VA home when you notice even a single pest is your best approach for managing an infestation. This is because the infestation might become the primary cause of deadly diseases among your home’s occupants when left unchecked or handled with ineffective measures. The following are among the fatal diseases associated with household pests.


Rodents spend a lot of time in contaminated areas like sewers and pipes from where they will carry germs. The food in your house might be contaminated with the droppings of these mice or rats. This causes salmonellosis. People with this condition complain of gastroenteritis, a gastrointestinal disease that can cause severe dehydration within hours. Salmonellosis might also complicate to endocarditis, septicemia, and meningitis that are all fatal.

Lyme disease

This is a common inflammatory condition caused by tick bites. The condition is quite severe and calls for immediate medical attention. Lyme disease starts with skin lesions accompanied by chills fever and general fatigue. When not promptly treated, the condition results in neurological and cardiac conditions and arthritis.



This is also called rabbit fever. Bites from ticks, and biting flies more so deer flies are the common ones that transmit it. Rodents harbor the bacteria and transfer it to food from whence it is ingested to affect human and pet gastrointestinal systems. The bacteria is also spread by inhalation from contaminated soil. Intermittent fevers and inflamed lymph nodes characterize tularemia.


This is also called Weil’s disease. It is a severe infection attributed to contact with infected rodent urine. It is initially characterized by high-grade fever, jaundice, and general body pains. Left untreated, leptospirosis leads to irreversible kidney and liver damage and, ultimately, death.


This condition is spread by mite and mite bites. Its symptoms start with a red, often painless lump at the site of the bite. This develops into a generalized rash that closely resembles chickenpox. Muscle pains, chills, fevers, and eye pain in bright light are the common symptoms of rickettsialpox.

Professional pest control might seem like an unnecessary expense, particularly when compared with store-bought and homemade pest control products. It, however, goes a long way in averting the above diseases that will be costly to treat and might cause grave health issues. The conditions are also not straightforward to diagnose since their symptoms mirror other common diseases. Invest in routine pest eradication treatments rather than wait for an active infestation to call the professionals. This prevention tactic guarantees optimal health for your household and negates costly structural and furniture repairs.

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