Freshen Up Your Store: Prepare For The New Year

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The new year is here, and 2021 is the time for a change. If you own a retail store, you likely took a big hit when the pandemic started. Most of 2020 were bad for in-person retail, with a lot of stores moving towards delivery. But with the world starting to recover, you want a new retail experience to greet your potential customers. Here are some tips so that you can refresh your retail store experience.

Always Hire Professionals

When you plan to renovate, you should get some professional help. For the heavy work, you’ll need a licensed general contractor. They will give you a good estimate of how much the renovation will cost and do the labor for the job. It allows you to do much more detailed renovations. For example, tearing up the flooring and replacing it with something better is something your people can’t do independently.

Besides a contractor, you should also seriously consider hiring an interior designer. A lot of people think they can properly design a retail space. However, a professional will be able to do it much better. Look for someone who understands that the goal is to balance selling products and creating a good-looking interior.

Ask For Employee Input

As the people on the ground, your employees are the ones who know what is happening on the ground. They are the ones who see what customers like and dislike. If you want to renovate your store, you should reach out and ask them for some suggestions. For example, you should ask them for suggestions on how products can be better displayed. Since they see your product displays regularly, they can point anything lacking in them. Discuss your exact goals with your renovation so that they can point out some things that can help with that goal.

Ensure That Foot Traffic Is Higher

Better in-store foot traffic is one of the primary goals in your renovation. There are several ways you can do this. You can start with the entrance of your store. It is the first thing that people see when they pass by your store. You need to make it open and welcoming so that curious passersby will be willing to walk in. Making it small and narrow would be counterproductive.

Once you have your customer in the store, various changes can make it so that moving through your store is an easy experience. While some of this can be done by rearranging display cabinets and more, your renovation may need walls modified so that they can accommodate shelves.

store open signage

Another potential change would be partnering with another company and providing them with a mini-space on your property. Carving out a specific space for them might be necessary. For example, you might want a small coffee shop in your store. With the right space and changes, you can differentiate the space as different from your normal space.

More Open And Spacious

People have been cramped all year. You want to present them with something different, and the best way to do this is by giving them an open and spacious store to shop through. To create this impression, you will need to choose a good layout; the two that fit your needs are an angular layout or a free-flow layout. The aim is to present customers with a store where they can wander around without any worries. The open space also ensures that people can keep proper social distancing, which has become a major concern in the past year.

Brighten Up The Ambiance

If you want people to buy things, you need to put them in a good mood. This is where improving the ambiance of the store is important. There are several components to this. One of them is better lighting. Bright lights are important in ensuring that people have a positive feeling about your store. Besides normal lighting, you’ll also want the lighting to highlight the various products you are selling. In combination with the lights, you should choose a fresh new color for the walls and backgrounds. They can help influence customer’s moods. For example, greens and blues encourage feelings of trust and relaxation.

Upgrading and changing your store for the new year is a good investment. Returning shoppers will want something different, and you could offer them the difference they’re looking for. They want a safe and accessible place, especially after the pandemic, so aim for that in your changes. With your store ready to welcome new people, it should help attract more customers.


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