Can you drink coffee with clear braces? Dos and don’ts of wearing cosmetic aligners

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Want straighter teeth as an adult without the metal brace? Luckily, you can now get the smile you deserve without an orthodontic brace by using an adult aligner.

But you may have read conflicting information about what to do and what not to do while wearing either a clear or invisible brace, allowing you to get the most out of your braces.

Here are 4 things to do while wearing clear braces Spa Dental Sydney CBD to ensure the whole treatment goes off without a hitch!

Keep in contact with your dentist

When wearing clear braces for your teeth straightening journey, it is vital to keep in regular communication with your dentist.

Depending on the issue being corrected, you will need to visit your dentist every 2 months so they can assess if the treatment is progressing correctly. If it isn’t, they can correct the issue while it is minor and easier to manage.

Keep your braces in their case

Your clear braces supplied by your dental practitioner will come with a small case for you to put them in when you aren’t wearing them.

As tempting as it is to wrap them in tissue paper or to put them in your bag, don’t! Their case is designed to keep them safe, so be sure to carry it with you at all times.

Invest in a small toothbrush

After eating, you will need to brush your teeth before putting your braces back in. Invest in a small toothbrush to remove food and debris before slotting the aligners back into your mouth.

Wear them for the allotted time

Invisalign braces are removable, so it can be tempting to wear them for as long as you want to. However, if your dentist has told you to wear them for 22 hours a day, aim to stick to this. If you don’t, the treatment will take longer and prove more costly.

Here are 4 things not to do while wearing clear or invisible braces.

Ignore excessive discomfort

If your braces are causing you pain, contact your dentist. There may be an issue with the shaping or they may have been warped, causing the additional pressure.

Drink coffee or wine while wearing them

Even though you will only wear each aligner for 2 weeks at a time, it is important to avoid consumption of acidic drinks like coffee and wine while you have them in. Such drinks can cause staining to occur on the brace, making them more visible.

woman smiling clear braces

Clean them with hot water or mouthwash

If your braces need cleaning, run them under a cold tap and remove debris with a soft-bristled brush. Do not use mouthwash or hot water, as these can stain and warp the shape of the aligner, rendering them useless.

Ignore dental hygiene

Even though the braces are removable, you must not ignore your dental hygiene.

As these braces slot over your teeth, they can push any unremoved plaque and bacteria against your enamel, increasing the chance of decay.


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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