Understanding Food Security During the Pandemic

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Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, food insecurity was already a growing global problem. Come the year 2020, the issue of food insecurity increased all over the world. Food prices around the globe rose close to 20% in the past year.

During this pandemic, food security is of utmost importance. Apart from dealing with the fear and anxiety of the quarantine period, children and their families, especially those from low-income households, have been struggling through the economic crisis.

Food scientists and technologists use their skills from various disciplines such as chemistry, engineering, and microbiology, to study the availability of food, its safety, and its nutrition. These professionals are critical during this pandemic when food insecurity looms around us.

Getting into the business of food science and technology is a rewarding career for young individuals looking for a professional career path. Although some have many food allergies, a private allergist consultation could help identify and control these allergens before embarking on a food science venture.

Innovations in Food Science and Technology

Food security will be a global issue for a long time, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Given this situation, technological innovations in the food industry are deemed important in keeping the global population well-fed and nourished.

With the increasing demand for food supply, these technological innovations are given great importance. Here are some food technology innovations in recent years.

Since the demand for meat is predicted to increase by 70% by 2025, the mass production of lab-grown meat or “cultured meat” will greatly benefit the food supply around the world. Also, moving away from traditional animal farming may reduce carbon emissions which contribute to global warming.

Biodegradable packaging has also been making the rounds in the food industry. Companies have been trying to develop biodegradable alternatives that use waste products in the food industry, such as the shells of shellfish.

When it comes to agriculture, vertical farming has been a popular choice in the food industry. Vertical farms use less land and water while producing more goods compared to their traditional counterpart. With this agricultural setup, the use of pesticides is negated.

These are some innovations seen in the food industry in recent years. Taking advantage of these innovations and turning them into mass-produced technologies will greatly benefit the global food industry. Food insecurity will eventually be addressed in several nations around the world.

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Importance of Food Security

Pursuing a career in food science and technology will help further develop the food industry and food security around the globe. Food scientists and technologists face great challenges these days. Securing food on the table of many households around the globe is essential in reducing poverty and aiding economic growth in many nations.

As we discover the importance of food security in alleviating poverty and many of the world’s pressing issues, take a look at some ways how food security is important in developing a country.

Food insecurity hinders a country’s economic growth by limiting its opportunities to reduce poverty. Having access to high-quality and nutritious food is a human right and a basic everyday need. A person cannot function without adequate food on the table. Hence, securing food supply allows economic growth within a nation.

Providing enough food for communities also allows windows for job creation. Due to economic growth, communities will be able to provide enough job opportunities for each individual. This will allow families and households to prosper, leading to poverty reduction.

By reducing poverty alone, many opportunities will soon arise for nations as well as for individuals. Quality of life will increase not just for the upper-middle-class citizen but also for ordinary individuals.

With global food security, the global economy will soon stabilize. The health of communities will improve because of sufficient nutrition. There will be improved healthcare and facilities to provide for the citizens.

In general, these are some ways that food security is deemed important in developing a nation. Food is essential in our everyday lives. Although food scientists and technologists are responsible for improving food security, it is important to work together to address food insecurity around the globe.

Innovations in food technology have been made through the years. These innovations gradually help alleviate issues on food insecurity that loom around the world. They also address different issues involved in the production and distribution of food. Given the current situation of the pandemic, food security should be given utmost attention to address the issues that affect several households each day. This way, even during tough times, people will not have to suffer because of these problems.

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