Common Dangers the Elderly Face

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Elderly woman lying on the floorMore and more elderly people are brought to the emergency room for various injuries every year. In most cases, the injuries obtained could have been easily prevented. For people living with seniors, safety must be a primary concern. Falling and slipping could lead to more severe accidents and health issues.

As we age, hearing and vision slowly decline, and dizziness also becomes common. These factors all contribute to falls and slips. Making the right preparations is vital to make sure that the elderly do not suffer any accident.

Here are the most common injuries that seniors face.


For seniors, a fall could lead to a concussion when the head hits the floor or an object. This could cause temporary unconsciousness or worse, a brain injury. It could also lead to bleeding and sometimes, strokes. A concussion can range anywhere from mild to serious.


You must never leave your senior loved ones when preparing and cooking food. They may tend to forget some things, such as turning off the stove. This is very dangerous, as it could cause them to sustain burns.

Most elderly individuals also lose some level of dexterity, making them prone to dropping things. Those who are bound to their wheelchair might find it difficult to cook too, causing a higher probability of burns.

Hip Fractures

Elderly woman consulting a doctorWhen a senior falls, fractures can be a typical consequence. Broken bones should not be ignored. Many of our elderly suffer age-related fractures as their bones become weak and brittle. Many of them suffer from osteoporosis and loss of bone density, as well.

Broken hips, if they cause your loved one to become a hostage in bed for so long, could also lead to sepsis or pneumonia. In this case, your loved one must see a hip doctor in Pleasant Grove immediately for proper treatment.

Bathtub or Bathroom Slips

One of the most common causes of injuries among the elderly is bathroom or bathtub slips. The slippery surface and the height of the tub make it a perfect combination for disaster. Seniors can easily lose balance and fall. Falls can then lead to fatal injuries.

Whenever an elderly suffers a fall, they could have broken bones, sprains, concussions or head trauma. Place some grip bars and non-slip mats in the tub or the bath to avoid these problems.

Broken Shoulder or Sprains

For many seniors, moving around can be a big issue. The small area rug in your living area can pose a hazard for them. It can send any elderly to slip and trip on the floor. It can also potentially break a hip and injure the shoulders. Tripping over common household items can be a problem for many elderly.

As people age, they can be exposed to many dangers at home when performing daily activities. Things they once used to enjoy, such as running errands, cooking or simply bathing can be troublesome and can lead to potential harm. They need 100% attention and care as they reach their golden age to ensure they are always happy and healthy.

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