Choosing the Right Rigging Company for Your Project

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Are you working on a large-scale construction project right now, and you need to move a variety of materials around the site? Even with the right equipment, you can’t be sure that anyone could just pull off moving these heavy and expensive items without any failure. You need a rigging solution that’s equipped with the tools, experience, and manpower to help move materials for you.

To choose the right solutions provider for your needs, you can go through the following checklist. It’s important to choose the rigging company that can do the job safely, efficiently, and competently.

Consider the Years of Experience

Moving materials around your construction site is probably the most dangerous phase of your project. Not only are you dealing with expensive equipment and materials, but you’re also putting the life of the people in the workplace at risk.

To lift and move them safely, you need a local rigging company that is well-equipped to do the job. Typically, they’ve been in the business for a very long time, and their experience contributes to their ability in doing the job done without any setbacks. But don’t just trust everything they say; do your research, go to their site and read more about them, check their reviews, or ask previous customers for their feedback.

Manpower and Equipment

A rigging service has different team members working on your project at the same time. Look for a contractor that has all of them and won’t need to outsource a position elsewhere. For starters, they should have their own surveyors and estimators. The boots on the ground should include supervisors, engineers, and operators, all knowledgeable and prepared to address all your problems. With decades of experience under the belt, they’re definitely confident and competent enough to do the job.

They should also have the right equipment for the job. The actual heavy lifting is done by their machines, so be sure to ask them if they have what you might need for the scope of your project. Ask about the quality of their equipment, the age of their machinery, how often it was used and maintained, and any other questions to probe if they are a good fit for your project.

Ask if they have any contingency plans in case of equipment malfunction, or shortage in manpower. A good contractor will always have a plan B for any project, and it’s advisable that you open up about it now before the start of the project. Rigging contractors should be able to operate 24/7 all year long to ensure that your project will push through without any stoppage.

Safety is a Priority

safety in construction

As mentioned earlier, moving heavy loads around your construction site is very dangerous. That’s why it is a priority for everyone, not only for you and your hardworking employees but also for your contractors and their crew.

The rigging service should be familiar with all the safety requirements to avoid any untoward incident. Inquire if they have the necessary documentation to prove that they comply with various standards and if they have the permits, insurance, and other documentation for the job.

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