A Guide to Selecting a Welding Company

Man welding in a factory

When you are working on an important project, you should always get quality services. This principle applies to anything that you are planning to build, including welding and metal arcs projects. Choosing a reliable welding company in Edmonton is vital to the success of your endeavor. With that in mind, how can you find one … Read more

Ideas for Improving Your Buffet Display

Those with a knack for food preparation might find self-actualisation by opening a restaurant or catering business. This is the best way to enable masses to enjoy your culinary delights while raking in a decent income. Unfortunately, a significant number of start-ups in the catering industry do not make it past their first year in … Read more

Bad Real Estate Choices: The Death of McMansions and the Rise of the McModerns

Bad Real Estate Choices

The term “McMansion” rose in the ‘80s and comes from the idea that there are luxury homes mass-produced like a McDonald’s product. The concept of something luxury and mass-produced sounds contradicting, and that’s because it is. Mansions are built for the wealthy and located in exclusive, gated communities. But McMansions are built for the middle-class … Read more