Dealing with Inconsistent Quality in Different Branches

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Cafe employee talking over the phoneEven in business, you’re only as good as your weakest link. That means no matter how good one branch of your business is, if another company is run down, people will not believe that you’re doing well. It might not be your sole problem, but you have to act on it to save the whole franchise. Here’s how you can deal with inconsistencies among different branches:

Hire the Same Company Across Branches

Customers who see one office and note that it’s been renovated recently will think that there’s something wrong if they visit another branch that is dated. They will be confused if one parking lot is paved but another is a parking nightmare. You’d do well to standardize these essential parts of business operations, and one way to do it is to have the same contractor do the parking lot paving or the outfitting. If the contractor already knows what you want in a branch, you’ll get more consistent results. Furthermore, a strong relationship with a great contractor can help you save on renovation costs in the long run.

Standardize Staff Training

Woman training the employeesThe flagship store can have the best staff assisting people, but if other stores have rude staff, you’ll get more complaints than praises. At the end of the day, they will dilute the positive experience that your flagship store offers. Sadly, you cannot hide all other branches and just highlight the flagship. You also cannot get away with rude staff if you want to redeem your image. The solution is a more standardized training. That way, your company will only be known for helpful and accommodating staff no matter which branch customers deal with. You can also provide incentives for those who go the extra mile to help customers. A suggestion box will also help you know about customer grievances and praises.

Migrate Employees

Some employees work harder and do better than others. It would be great if the company could offer incentives or a new job in a bigger branch or a more challenging position because outstanding employees would see progress in their career. This might halt any thought about moving to a competing company that offers better benefits or a higher salary. Brand loyalty is important not just for customers but for employees as well. They will not move to a different company if they can have the same opportunity in a place they’re already comfortable in.

Here’s another idea: move them to a branch that’s closer to home. This shows them that you care about their situation and are willing to help make things more manageable for them. A shorter commute means less traffic-induced stress and more time spent with family. Even if you don’t give them a hefty salary increase with the move, they save on commute expenses, which means that they still take home more money than what they’re used to.

You’re looking over the business, its employees, and its customers. To keep everyone satisfied, look at branches with weak spots and work on getting them up to scratch.

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