Attic Condensation: Finding the Root Cause

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An attic is a magical place. It can be that room that you want it to be with a few tweaks here and there. Attics in Pinterest look like rooms from magazine spreads. Then, there are ones which are transformed to be office or hobby spaces.

When attics are transformed into spaces where activities are done, the risk for deterioration is lesser than when it is used as a storage space. Because storage spaces are used just every once in a while, it is easy for homeowners to forget that additional room above their home.

Thus, common problems often start to rise. Condensation is one of them. Having a musty smell and mold growths is usually a sign that it has escalated and it is crucial to find the source of the problem to solve it permanently.

Faulty insulation

Always work with reputable insulation companies in Kansas City. Well-Made insulation will not only make your home feel more comfortable all year round, but it will also help protect it from condensation in areas like the attic and the basement, which can cause more severe problems.

Insulations which are not properly installed or maintained absorbs moisture, which is one of the leading cause of condensation.

Leaking pipes

Watch out for dry drafts around your attic or in any part of your home. Leaking pipes are common culprits for attic condensation. Detecting the problem is also tricky because pipes are installed in between walls and floors, which means by the time the leak is seen, it has already caused significant damage to your home.

Leaks in the attic add moisture to it, which in turn causes condensation.

Home foundation

Your home’s foundation is below the ground, and your attic space is the highest point in your home. So how can moisture go up there and create condensation? Through cracks and gaps that are often not visible in the naked eye.

A faulty home foundation that absorbs wetness and moisture “transports” these elements through evaporation. These evaporated components pass through gaps and leaks often found in the walls, and light fixtures among others and goes straight up to the attic.

Poor ventilation

changing vents

You hang your clothes to dry out in the sun or somewhere where there are air and ventilation after doing your laundry. The same idea applies to keep an attic dry. Most attics, due to the lack of maintenance, often have poor ventilation.

Because warm air and moisture are kept trapped inside the attic, condensation eventually forms. To prevent this, make sure air circulates freely around your attic. Simply leaving a space between your things and the wall, or leaving the windows and the door open can create a natural airflow that effectively prevents condensation.

Have an attic you converted into storage at home? When was the last time you went up and checked it? Maybe now is the best time to finally put an end to that musty smell and feeling and give you attic an all-new glow, even if it is just used as a storage space.

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