Arizona Retirees Are Living the Dream

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Phoenix, Arizona ranks third in the nation when it comes to the disparity between inbound (63.2) and outbound (36.8) residents. Retirees make up the bulk of people coming in, and the state makes sure to keep them happy.

A Truly Tax-friendly State

Arizona is one of the few states that would not tax your Social Security. The state does not collect inheritance tax, gift tax, or estate tax. Withdrawals from your 401k still count as income and are taxed at 2-4 percent. Other states might not tax your 401k, but what’s a measly 2-4 percent tax compared to sky-high value-added tax or sales tax. The measly tax on your 401k is compensated by tax-free groceries, leading to one of the lowest costs of living in the nation. Even with just your social security benefits (with the average retiree receiving an average of $1400), you can still live a comfortable life in one of the state’s retirement villages or assisted living facilities.

Great Weather

Three hundred days of sunshine, a bit of rain, and mild winters — Arizona weather is perfect for seniors. Temperatures can get hot, but the low humidity makes the heat quite tolerable. As a bonus, low humidity decreases the chances of flu outbreaks and allergic reactions. The warm temperatures give your joints and muscles a respite from cold winter nights, allowing you to ditch (or minimize) your pain medication and remain mobile. The Arizona weather is perfect for short strolls, extended hikes to the Grand Canyon, or a round of golf. With more than 70 ranked public golf courses and a total of 421 overall, Arizona ranks as one of the top destinations for golf. Enjoy a bit of nature with fishing trips, off-road adventures, hikes, or maybe a bit of skiing in Flagstaff. When the festival season arrives (and there are several), prepare for rodeos, culinary fests, and the state’s version of Woodstock. You’ll never run out of things to do, and the weather will rarely be on your way.

Catering to Seniors and Retirees

senior couple eating together

Phoenix, and the rest of Arizona, boasts of a multitude of retirement communities, both for independent and assisted living. With its senior population close to 20 percent of all residents, the state has devised programs and facilities that cater to seniors, particularly retirees. The country is teeming with senior centers, catering to every hobby, and giving seniors a place to socialize and make meaningful connections. The Arizona Department of Economic Security has also devoted several programs for senior residents, including day-to-day assistance, meal planning and preparation, medicare assistance, and even employment programs for seniors who want to try their hand at working again. For seniors wanting to get a little bit fitter, numerous facilities cater to seniors and their specific needs.

Arizona is one of the friendliest places for retirees. Your money has more value, allowing you to live off your pension for the rest of your days. With seniors making up a large portion of the population, you will never be out of place, and your voice will always be heard.

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