5 Budget-friendly Garden Set-up Ideas For You

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Landscape gardens are pretty much a ubiquitous presence in private residences, businesses, educational institutions, and even industrial complexes. Gardens help soften areas where there is a particularly heavy concentration of concrete and steel structures.

Now, if you’re thinking of having your garden in your property, you should be happy to know that you don’t need to spend a large chunk of your budget to have one. You can begin by searching for topsoil suppliers in Utah to start growing your gardening supplies. These topsoil suppliers usually offer other gardening supplies and equipment so you can source other essentials to begin your landscape garden projects.

If you want some great ideas on how you can have a stunning garden without breaking your bank, here are five ideas to consider:

Have a DIY-style pond

Water features are excellent add-ons to any garden set up. They make any landscape inviting and relaxing with their nature-inspired qualities, so you should at least have one water feature in your yard.

For a start, you can install a DIY-style pond using a few stones, garden pebbles, pond liner, and a water source, which can be a hose tapped into your garden faucet. It’s easy to set up that you can have a functional garden pond in a few hours.

Invest in second-hand gardening tools and equipment

Setting up a garden requires having necessary hand tools and equipment. And while it’s tempting to buy everything brand new, it’s wise to shop for second-hand gardening tools and equipment instead.

Things like garden shears, rakes, wheelbarrow, and the like don’t have to be brand-new to do the job. By buying second-hand, you can save a few hundred dollars, which you can use to purchase other supplies needed for your landscape garden. Plus, it’s more sustainable for the environment since you’re recycling in doing so.

Consider xeriscaping

Xeriscaping is simply choosing drought-resistant plants over water-hungry species. There are readily-available drought-resistant plants such as Bluebeard, junipers, hydrangeas, and catmint in most shops, so getting the right plants should not be a problem for you. Xeriscaping is both an economical and earth-friendly gardening technique that is preferred by many people.

Build your fire pit

You can make your garden a perfect spot for cold-weather relaxation by installing a fire pit. You can use cinder blocks or a few paving stones stacked on top of another and have your very own fire pit in a few minutes or so.

You can spend nothing building one if you can ask friends and next-door neighbors for some spare blocks. If none, well, a hundred bucks or more surely won’t hurt if it means having a fire feature that would make your outdoors more functional and inviting.

Go for remnants

Some garden supply shops or hardware stores sell remnant stones for a fraction of their original cost, so be sure to check them out. Remnant stones can be used in a variety of hardscaping projects such as plant boxes, garden steps, edging, sitting walls, and the like.

Consider using mulches and stone edges for flower beds

flower bed

If you have an existing flower bed and you want to make it more attractive, you should consider using garden mulches and decorative stones. They are inexpensive options to beautifying flower beds and, in the case of mulches, an excellent means of keeping the flowers in great condition by trapping moisture that plants need.

With these budget-friendly tips, there should be no excuse for you not to have a simple garden set-up that will make your landscape more visually-appealing and relaxing to spend time at.

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