Why or Why Not You Should Build a Granny Flat

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A dependent person’s unit (DPU) or commonly known as a granny flat, is a famous dwelling structure in the country. Due to the increasing rates in rent and the decreasing availability of living spaces, the construction of granny flats boomed. Here are some of the reasons why or why not you should build a granny flat.

Why Granny Flats?

Granny flats are known as they are because these DPUs were traditionally constructed as an additional residential structure for aging members of a family. Although this structure may seem simple, granny flats are bound by many restrictions and regulations.

A traditional granny flat is, by law, any detached or attached dwelling unit that was constructed inside the same land where a first house is erected. The structure is a self-contained unit that has a living area, kitchen, bedroom, single bathroom, and laundry area.

Should You Build One or Not?

If you are a big family and one of your parents live with you, then it is essential to construct a granny flat. The granny flat will ensure that your parents will still have privacy and given more than enough space for them to cook or relax.

Apart from this reason, there is an emerging trend that granny flats are now being converted into a smaller and separate living spaces. Due to the increasing cost of living in the country, granny flats are now sought by many as an alternative housing unit – commonly termed as “tiny house living” – and primarily availed by young adult family members. You may also consider building a granny flat if you are thinking of it as another effort to generate income. There are many granny flats in Australia that rented out. However, these kinds of structures fall to another set of building regulations.

On the other hand, you should not build if you are not ready to face the hassles with constructing granny flats. Melbourne, for example, is one of the many cities in the country where there are many regulations regarding building a secondary dwelling unit. Furthermore, several local councils urge granny flats to be “movable.”

Requirements on Constructing Granny Flats: Melbourne

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Melbourne, in particular, asks for various requirements before the authorities can approve the construction of a DPU. First is securing a building permit, which is a mandatory requirement before you can construct any structures that measure more than ten (10) square meters. Different councils are also collecting varying fees throughout Melbourne before you can secure a permit. Some areas also restrict the construction of such structures to no more than 60 square meters.

Hiring a Contractor

If you have decided to proceed and build a second dwelling unit for your place, then hiring a certified contractor is far more convenient and efficient. Several contractors and companies offer customers various services that range from structure design, plumbing, interior design, and other customizations that relate to the customers’ needs and wants.

In finding one, you should consider its past projects, the attitude of the owners and professionals in the company, as well as its after-construction help and services, including maintenance, repairs, and even replacement of certain parts of the granny flat. These are all crucial matters to consider for you to squeeze more out of your hard-earned money.

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