Why More Offices Are Getting Glass Doors and Partitions

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Employees working in a modern office

The way we tackle office spaces have gone a long way, with the traditional setup composed of cubicles that make employees feel isolated, and wall partitions that make the office feel smaller, crowded, and even claustrophobic if poorly-planned. As such, more offices have started to shift towards having glass doors and partitions.

The Open Office

Having glass partitions instead of solid or opaque divisions and walls can mimic an open plan office model which gives the office the feeling of being spacious, collaborative, and “transparent” which can positively affect your workplace’s morale and productivity. For clients and customers, glass partitions can be quite aesthetically pleasing and professional-looking and give them the impression and feeling that the office is “open” for you. If that’s not enough to convince you, let’s take an in-depth look as to why more offices are getting glass doors and partitions, and why you should, too:

Better Lighting and Energy Efficiency

Closed-partition offices force you to use a lot of electric lighting and fixtures, but with glass doors and partitions, you can use natural light, and “share” the lighting from other areas of the office, making your office “greener” in terms of energy usage, and cuts your electricity bill. Natural light has been noted to affect the office’s productivity and mood positively. Your workforce’s morale could also benefit from the glass partitions as natural lighting won’t make your workforce feel like they’re stuck inside walls with artificial electrical light.

Space Savers

Glass partitions remove the need for bulky cubicles, or to have wooden partitions built, and they use significantly less space. Glass partitions, paired with custom size interior doors, gives the impression of being spacious, open, and more “breathable”. Some offices even forego the use and installation of whiteboards and use (erasable) markers on the glass themselves during meetings. This spaciousness and transparency can add a sense of teamwork, and let your workforce feel like they’re part of a team instead of being secluded in their cubicles or makeshift rooms.

Easier to Maintain

When compared to cubicles or closing off areas with wooden partitions, glass partitions are relatively easy to clean and maintain. You’d only need to use microfiber or cleaning spray to clean up your glass partitions. Cubicles, especially those made partly with cushioned panels (for soundproofing), can collect dust and are susceptible to other stubborn stains. And wooden partitions and cubicles can be damaged by water and humidity (as wood can warp due to changes in moisture).


Lastly, there’s no denying that cubicles and solid wall partitions do look drab and dull. Glass partitions, while promoting the impression of spaciousness and allowing natural light, has a more modern and corporate appeal. Your office can even choose to customise the glass partitions with frostings and etchings that can further increase its aesthetic value.


Employees working in an open space office

These said, there’s no question that glass partitions can be quite beneficial to your office, its employees, and even the clients. Some would argue that glass doesn’t allow privacy or safety, but these can be answered with the use of reinforced glass as an added level of security, and the use of frosting, blinds, and covers to allow you to cover partitions when needed. So, if you’re about to renovate your office, or are just about to design it, it’s a good idea for you to consider using glass partitions.

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