Types of Business Security You Shouldn’t Skimp On

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Growing your business is a tough thing on its own but it’s even more difficult when there are malicious individuals out to take advantage of it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to the industry or a long-time veteran, protecting your business- the very business you spent countless nights over is critical. Sadly, it’s one of the aspects many entrepreneurs commonly overlook, especially with the rush of day-to-day operations. Here’s how you can protect your business:

What’s a Business Without CCTVs

Let’s face it: nowadays, cameras are important. Be it for scaring away potential criminals or making sure you have evidence when it comes to insurance claims or court proceedings, having video footage can help in protecting your business. Make sure to install CCTVs in the most populated areas, as obviously, that’s where most of the business happens. But don’t forget to include locations that can be potential entry points. Another interesting aspect of CCTVs is that they make an effective deterrent. Nothing can be quite scarier or more imposing than cameras that can record actions.

Get a Strong Perimeter Fence

The physical aspect of your business is always an important part. Especially if your business stores valuables, making sure you have a way to defend them is important. For one, having a secure metal fence can go a long way in making it more difficult for wrong-doers to enter your facility, if not outright deter them.

Using secure locks and doors can also help in making sure that only authorized personnel can get it. Don’t skimp on a fence- the last thing you want is a thief jumping over and stealing your valuables.

Make Sure You Have Control Over Lost / Stolen Company Devices

Devices that hold sensitive information are one of the most sought-after items. Especially if they hold customer data such as banking information or personal data. That’s why having a failsafe to destroy the contents is critical. Another way to go about it is to only provide access to trusted employees, and even then, coordinate with your service providers to have a remote lock in the event that it’s stolen.

Hire a Security Guard

Security retinues can help make sure your business is safe, especially if you have a brick-and-mortar shop that’s exposed to the elements. They can tell you of the weak spots in your property, or even suggest whether you need to hire a security guard or not.

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Secure Your Servers

Besides physical data devices like USBs and hard drives, servers or cloud data is another thing that needs protecting. Utilize the right form of server control. From limited access to password encryption, and even physical security locks such as padlocks on your main server. There are even ways to make sure that your computer is locked through a keyboard. Employing these techniques might feel like overkill, but whenever dealing with sensitive data, you can’t go wrong with overprotection.

Educate Your Employees

Hacking doesn’t happen through Hollywood-type matrix sequences of code. Sometimes, it happens through the mundane and simple way of fooling someone into giving your password. And it can happen to even your most trusted employees. Phishing emails, unsecure network connections, and even through simple conversation are among the common ways data is stolen.

Teaching your employees how to spot data thieves is important as they are the ones who are working on the field all the time. They’re the ones constantly exposed to people who might be after your data, and teaching your staff how to be aware doesn’t just protect your business but also protects them.

Filing Cabinets are Still Important

In the age of cloud storage, a filing cabinet might feel out of place. But they’re very much important, especially if you have important paperwork that needs protecting. Having a secure filing cabinet with locks and limited access is still one of the best ways to protect sensitive paperwork. And it’s not just for protection against thieves, but also protection against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or even fires.

Make sure you source your filing cabinets from reliable manufacturers, as the last thing you want is to have a shoddily built cabinet storing documents like tax and profit logs.

And Finally, Get Insurance

Insurance remains the only way you can bounce back should a problem arise. It allows you to get financial compensation for any damages that your business goes through, which you can then use to rebuild it. Good insurance is no laughing matter, as it can make the difference between a problem that you can recover from and one that damages your business for a long time.

Your business is your ticket to financial freedom, which is why you need to protect it against any threat. With this guide, you can keep your source of income safe at all times.

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