Troubleshooting Tips for Common Plumbing Problems

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Dealing with plumbing-related problems are part of every property owner’s life. No matter how high quality the plumbing materials used were and regardless of how well-maintained the plumbing fixtures are, time will come when problems will occur, such as leaks and corrosion.

That said, it’s important to look for a professional plumber in Orem, Lehi, or another Utah location where you’re situated. With a trusted plumber, you’re assured of a ready helping hand whenever a plumbing hiccup presents itself.

But what if your plumber is not around to bail you out of a plumbing emergency? Here are four DIY-style troubleshooting tips that you should remember if faced with these common plumbing issues:


Leaks probably account for the biggest number of plumbing-related issues in homes, business establishments, industrial complexes, government offices, and educational institutions all throughout Utah and elsewhere in the country. This is because leaks can occur almost anywhere in the plumbing system – faucets, toilets, water pipes, and many others.

When left unchecked, such leaks can cost you around plus 10% in your monthly water bill. Now, multiply that by 12 and you’ll get a rough figure of the amount of money you’re shelling out in a year for something you’re not benefiting from.

Fortunately, most types of leaks can be addressed in a DIY manner. There are parts that can be damaged or worn out that are causing the leak such as toilet flappers, washers, and gaskets. These parts can be easily replaced using only basic hand tools, so you can work on them on your own.

You also need to learn the different types of leaks, how to spot them, and the simple remedies.


using plunger for drain

Clogs are yet another usual plumbing problems that property owners face. They are caused by several factors including hair build-up and deposits of food particles and small wastes that don’t easily dissolve.

You can address most clogging issues using only a plunger for clogged toilets or a snake drain for your kitchen sink. There are chemicals available in most supermarkets and neighborhood convenience stores that you can buy but be sure that they are not too strong to corrode the pipes and cause leaks.

Water pressure problems

Having a low water pressure at any given day (but more so during summer) can be quite annoying and just happens to be among the most usual plumbing concerns of property owners. This problem may occur due to several reasons such as clogged aerators, a low-flow showerhead, corroded or leaking pipe leaks, and the like.

The usual remedies include de-clogging the aerators by soaking them in white vinegar, changing the showerheads, addressing the leaks, and replacing the corroded pipes.

Slow drains

Slow drains are a notch more manageable than complete clogs since the water does not totally form a pool or puddle. Slow drains are caused by small food particles, hair strands, and other debris that are small enough to cause water to not drain fast enough but not totally lead to clogging.

This problem can be easily fixed by simply removing whatever is causing the drains to slow down. No need to use special tools or chemicals here since a simple removal of the particles that cause the slow draining is sufficient enough to drain water faster.

These DIY-style fixes should come in handy when any of these issues occur. But for persistent or complicated plumbing hiccups that are beyond your capability, be sure to call your plumber and not leave anything to chances.

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