Top Venues for Weddings and Reunions in Singapore

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Singapore is known as a vibrant, cosmopolitan city in the heart of Asia. It has a unique way of mixing natural beauty and technology. It has a dazzling metropolis and equally mesmerising aquamarine beaches.

But aside from being popular among tourists and travellers, it has also grown to be a popular location for weddings and family reunions, with the many luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants set up in Singapore. There is no shortage of wedding venues and spots for family gatherings around the city. Here are a few spots you should consider.

Fine Dining Restaurants

Gourmet restaurants are becoming more prominent in the Garden City on top of its already colourful and lively street food scene. Going to posh establishments dressed to the nines is now the new style of dining out.

The country’s affluent and high-class diners have encouraged international chefs and luminaries like Joël Robuchon, Tetsuya Wakuda, Jiro, and Wolfgang Puck to open their elite restaurants in the island. Going to Michelin star restaurants has become the norm for parties, gatherings and other celebrations.

Engagement parties and wedding receptions are often held in these restaurants for an added touch of luxury and sophistication. It is a display of wealth as well as a treat to discriminating palates. The fine dining restaurant experience often features signature dishes from celebrity chefs, hard-to-find produce and expensive ingredients, as well as the best vintages of wines.

Gardens and Parks

garden wedding

Singapore has no shortage of parks and gardens that are perfect for wedding receptions and solemnization. The country is blessed with wonderful weather all year round, making garden wedding celebrations and outdoor receptions popular among couples planning their wedding here.

Garden weddings are not only gorgeous but also enchanting, with their lush greeneries, natural backdrops and abundant daylight. Garden and theme park weddings create this romantic and inviting ambience that is perfect for both small and intimate ceremonies, as well as huge gatherings. There are many sprawling lawns, villas and colonial mansions with lovely gardens for an enchanting outdoor wedding venue all around Singapore.

Beach Wedding Locations

Singapore is a country surrounded by the sea, and it is only giving to wish for a beach wedding location. Many couples who love serenity choose to have their wedding in the country’s seaside venues. There are luxurious resorts where couples can arrange their solemnization and wedding party right away. The sound of the waves and cool sea breeze are enough to create a romantic backdrop for a wedding union.

On the other hand, Singapore also has fun and exciting locations for weddings with a rocking beach theme. Water parks and yacht clubs are a hit with the younger generation who prefer lavish and extravagant parties and celebrations.

Although hotel ballrooms are traditionally preferred for elegant and posh wedding venues, receptions and gatherings, many couples these days prefer the unique, charming and quirky. Close-knit weddings and intimate gatherings call for a unique and interesting dining experience, and Singapore has something for every taste and preference.

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