Top Reasons People Have an Insatiable Thirst to Travel

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Asian tourist woman with map searching for directions with the Tokyo Skytree tower in the backgroundTravel has become affordable and accessible to a lot of people because of the low-cost airlines selling discounted tickets to popular destinations all over the world. It is now also more than just a getaway option; it is a happy pill, a way toward self-discovery and all these other good things.

An agent from an LDS Israel tour company mentioned the following reasons people pack their bags and go to wherever their feet take them.

1. Learn your limitations.

You’ll never know where your comfort zone ends, and growth begins until you reach its limits. Travel provides you with several opportunities to grow and become a better person. Going to a faraway land where no one speaks English can be daunting.

The foreign signs and sounds may challenge you, even in the most routine of things such as buying tickets and getting from point A to point B. Missing a train or flight may also test your patience and ability to adapt to high-stress situations.

2. Understand cultures.

Sometimes all you hear about another country is bizarre or bad news. This caricature worldview narrows a person’s understanding of other people from different countries. Travel breaks down barriers and misconceptions you may have about others.

When you immerse in the city or small town in some faraway land, you’ll get insights, stories and gossips you won’t have read or heard. You’ll learn about social mores and nuances in interactions that were difficult to grasp when you just read about them. These experiences broaden your horizon and make you realize how big the world is.

3. Journey inward.

Some people travel to discover themselves. There are travelers who quit their jobs after a decade of working to figure out what to do next, while others embark on their journey right after school to determine what their calling is.

There’s something about going to another country that allows you to detach and gain perspective. Talking with others, whether locals or travelers allows you to learn not just about them but also about yourself. You might even get inspiration on a possible career or a new job in the process.

4. Gain skills.

You’ll need certain things to survive on the road these can be learning how to negotiate, hitchhiking, a new language, cooking, and others. These are life skills that you can take home with you or even help you start a new career or improve on one. Even if what you learned doesn’t exactly fit with your goals, the ability to learn something is important.

5. Meet people.

Woman traveler holding city map and saying bye to the local people in Bangko city

Travel isn’t just about visiting places and ticking them off a bucket list; it’s also about the people you meet along the way. It just might be the local who could barely speak English, a stranger that will go the extra mile to let you hitch a ride, that guy or girl you had a long conversation with about life, and that person who joined you for part of your trip.

Travel means different things to people; it can be a way to become somebody new, rediscover oneself, meet others, learn a new culture, or gain skills. Traveling provides several lifelong benefits for those that take the plunge.

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