The Search for Wedding Venues: Tips for Better Planning

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The day you say “I do” is meant to be memorable and should be something that you, your spouse, and your family and friends should remember for a long time. Therefore, choosing the right wedding venue is very important.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing among wedding venues in Tunbridge Wells. Things might seem overwhelming especially with other things you have to consider for your wedding, but here is a guide to help you make the search easier.

Talk with your partner and planner

It is important to decide together with your partner and make sure both of your wants and needs are accommodated as much as possible. Now that you have a list of things you want, forward it to your planner. They have a list of sources you can use to start your search and make it easier.

Set a budget

It is important to agree with your significant other regarding the amount you would spend on your wedding. Avoid splurging on your special day only to end up with debts at the start of your marriage. Sticking with a budget to use for your venue will be challenging, but it is something you both can do.

Complete your guest list

Do you want a big wedding? Or are you looking for a more intimate one? Completing the guest list before actually choosing the venue can help make the job easier as it can help you have an idea on how many people to expect. This number will have a huge role to play in deciding the right venue.

Consider venue capacity

The size of your venue will depend on the number of your guests. A smaller amount of guest will allow you more options for your venue. You can even consider booking intimate wedding venues Philippines if your budget allows it. The more guests you have, the bigger the venue you would need and it will likely limit your options. Choosing a venue based on the size can make the search a lot easier.

Check your schedule

Wedding venues fill-up easily especially if it is during the wedding season. So, make sure you coordinate with your planner and the venue with regards to booking reservations and your schedule.

Review the service inclusions

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Are you looking for a venue where all the other services like food, lights, and other utilities are included? Or do you intend to just rent the place itself? Knowing what kinds of services you need can help you find the right venue that offers such.

Think of the logistics

Is the place accessible for everyone? Will there be enough parking space? Will you have a hard time going around with your long gown in tow? Visit the venue and be observant. Considering the logistics can be a deal maker or breaker when choosing a place.

Listen to your gut feeling

Seemingly perfect venue but your gut tells you otherwise? Listen to your gut and do not settle. It might seem superficial, but if you feel like something is wrong, then likely there really is something not right. Do not be afraid to search for a new one.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue requires much work. Once you find the right one, however, you can be sure that your perfect wedding will fall into place.

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