The Little Details that Make a Wedding More Special

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Some couples dream about their wedding for a long time. As the day approaches, they busy themselves with every aspect of it. But the little things tend to take the backseat in these scenarios.

Although they might seem unimportant, they matter greatly. All these details are part of a bigger puzzle that can elicit awe and create a romantic and intimate ambiance for you and your guests.

Once you’ve made the big decisions—like choosing a wedding venue, whether it’s in Salt Lake City or Los Angeles—it’s time to redirect your attention to the finer details.

Set the mood with the right lighting.

Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for your wedding. Softer colors like pinks and purples stir feelings of romance and nostalgia. It sets the tone for the rest of the event, from the vows to the reception party. Use different kinds of lighting from various angles and in different colors to set the ambiance you want from start to finish.

Maximize space with smartly placed decorations.

A smaller wedding venue does not have to equate to a cramped space. There are several ways to maximize the space you have. Opt for seating that can accommodate large numbers of guests. Place the tables closer together or be more discerning with how many guests you seat at each one. Reduce the number of accessories in a room and focus on the main furniture pieces for the event. Drapes are also a beautiful and cost-effective way to divide the space and make it look elegant.

Make sure the facilities are ready.

Other than the furniture and decorations, you should be mindful of the logistics of the venue. Are there enough toilets for the number of guests? Is the address accessible by private vehicles only or can it be accessed by public transportation? Is there enough parking for the guests and caterer? Ask the venue owner these pertinent questions to prepare a contingency plan.

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Prepare for the weather.

Whether you plan on holding your wedding indoors or outdoors, you have to make sure the venue is comfortable throughout the day. Factor in the natural temperature and use heating or air conditioning systems to adjust the venue’s climate. Save money by using fans or opening and closing windows depending on the type of venue you use.

Get more creative with the flowers.

Flowers aren’t just accessories for tables; give them a creative twist by hanging them a few feet over the table. Overhanging flowers create an intimate feel among guests.

Consider using table lamps instead of candles.

Lamps afford you better control in terms of brightness and color. Use these instead of candles to elevate table setting. Hide the cords with flowers or cloth to make it look more elegant.

Customize the menus.

Instead of an ordinary printed out menu, use calligraphy when handing out invitations and menus on the table. This adds a personal and customized touch to an otherwise mundane wedding detail.

Preparing for a wedding can be difficult, but seeing all your hard work make a positive impact is fulfilling. Be a little more mindful about the little things involved in wedding planning to make it even more special.

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