The Basic Anatomy of a Basketball Court

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Basketball player about to dunkFor some people, basketball is simply a hobby. But for others, it is their whole life. Some individuals have become popular around the world because of their basketball skills.

It takes years to master the art of playing this sport. It doesn’t matter whether they play professionally or as a hobby. Playing with passion is more important above anything else.

To play basketball, you need to find a basketball court. You can find one within your neighborhood, the school, or a community gym. If you have enough backyard space, you can also choose to build your own basketball court there.

If you live in Utah, you can contact a basketball court contractor to build in your own yard. A basketball court has a specific measurement that should be followed. For example, the usual regulation basketball court can measure as big as 94 feet long.

A basketball court also has several parts, each of which has its specific purpose.

Three-Point Line

A semi-circle surrounding each team’s basket area. The team will earn three points when one of its players shoots the ball behind the three-point line. If the player shoots within the line, the team will only receive two points.

Center Jump Circle. This is where the game starts. A player from each team (called the “Center”) will stand outside the jump circle and attempt to tip the ball.

Free Throw Lane

A rectangular area where the player does the free throw stands. The other players also line up at the side of the rectangle during the free throw.

Baselines and sidelines

This refers to the boundary marks within the basketball court. The former are located behind each basket, while the latter covers the entire court length.


Players competing under the basketEach team has its designated basket where they shoot the ball and score points. It has a ring with a net, as well as a backboard to hold it. It is 10 feet in height and has a diameter of 18 inches.

Division line

This divides the court into two sections. Each side belongs to one team and attempts to bring and shoot the ball into their side of the basket.

Building a basketball court

A basketball court may either be indoor or outdoor. Regardless, you should plan for the building and installation costs. You can opt to build a half-court or an entire basketball court. It depends on the usage and space it will consume.

To give you an idea, a half-court installation can cost around $10,000, more or less. This already includes the basket, court flooring, and everything else. Basketball court construction may take more or less a week to do. The time frame may also include the necessary permits and inspections.

As for the right timing, experts suggest the basketball court installation done around early spring or fall season. This is to prevent the summer season rush and lessen costs somehow.

Building a basketball court is no easy task. You should hire experienced contractors to help you construct your dream court.

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