Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond

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Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond have years of experience offering different permanent solutions for many common issues people may feel conscious about regarding tooth loss or the shape of their teeth due to the loss of teeth. Whatever your reason for feeling you need to have dental implants, you can rest assured that the dentist at Sheen will listen, show you complete understanding and offer accurate advice and guide you to the right choice of treatment.

Loss of teeth

Dental implants can be the perfect solution for those who have lost teeth, whether it be a single tooth or multiple teeth. There are many reasons for the use of this treatment, most of which go beyond the realms of cosmetics.

If you have lost a tooth you may be experiencing an increase in sensitivity in the gum line where there once was a tooth. You may also feel that the teeth within the area feel weaker or less safe for use within the area.

If an implant is inserted into the area, you will be building strength into that location of your mouth as well as placing a form of protective cover to that part of your gum.  Patients have found that these implants act just like their own teeth, allowing them to go about their day to day lives with little or no regard for the types of foods they are consuming.

This is one of the few ways that could offer you a lifelong solution to tooth loss, based on there being no future loss of your natural teeth. These implants are both strong and robust, less susceptible to damage such as cracks or breaks. They do need to be cared for correctly just like your own teeth, your dentist can provide you with care details upon request.

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An alternative to dentures

Many people who wear dentures find that they can become clumsy when used in their daily lives, reporting that they may move out of position within the mouth or feel like food may get caught between the denture and gum at times. This can lead to the wearer of the denture feeling more conscious of the mouth area of the face, being made to feel weary of the food they eat or the way they smile when out in public.

Replacing the dentures with an implant can provide a solid alternative for the denture wearer, that will act like natural teeth in the mouth, as well as helping to strengthen the jawline of the wearer. This should then allow them to eat whatever foods they wish and relieve any negative feelings they may have about their smile and mouth area of the face.

When it comes to the care needed, implants can be cared for just like normal teeth, making implants easier to manage in your day to day lives when compared to the use of dentures, this will then help to improve the quality of life you experience.

Have you thought about looking into dental implants as a solution for your needs?

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