Seniors During Uncertain Times: Services Available for the Elderly Mid-Pandemic

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Seniors are among the vulnerable groups during the COVID-19 health crisis. They are more vulnerable to developing severe illness if they get infected with COVID-19. The physiological changes associated with aging make seniors more at risk. Note that more seniors already have underlying health conditions and already have a weaker immune system compared to adults. This makes it a must for seniors to take extra precautions during the pandemic.

The good news is, numerous agencies and businesses are made available for the senior’s aid. Regular services like online grocery shopping and pharmaceutical deliveries make it easier for seniors to cope. With the help of such services, they no longer need to run their own errands and risk possible exposure to the virus.

There are many other professional services that aim to help seniors stay safe, healthy, and sane mid-pandemic. Exploring these options will help you or your senior loved dealing with the challenges brought about by the crisis. Five of these are as follows:

Senior Housing

Some seniors would rather age in place instead of going to a nursing home. They wish to retain as much freedom and privacy as they want while residing in a place they called home for many years. If you prefer aging in place but still require a certain amount of help with your daily activities, you can hire home care services.

But for those who would rather stay in a facility along with other seniors, then you can explore assisted living communities. Such communities have more than just professionals ready to provide the necessary help to make your stay a lot more comfortable. This way, you can still enjoy your independence but under the supervision of registered nurses and nurse assistants.

For seniors that now require 24-hour supervised care, they can enroll in a nursing home. This is typically for your senior loved ones who are no longer capable of caring for themselves. If a loved one has a debilitating illness or has a severe mental illness, then a nursing home is the go-to choice.

These three are but some examples of housing services available for seniors. All of these aim to provide seniors with a comfortable place to live with their health as the top priority. This means experts maintain a certain level of health and safety precautions to ensure the safety of seniors.

Virtual Consultation Services

For seniors living with their families or are aging in place, they fear visiting their numerous doctors for regular check-ups. Others are seeing new symptoms while others have worsening conditions that require the attention of their doctors. But since it is better for them to stay at home, telehealth and telemedicine are a lot more preferred by seniors and their loved ones.

Note that these virtual consultations are for seniors needing healthcare but not immediate medical concerns. This is since there are certain things doctors can only do through virtual consultations. In short, such services still has their limitations.

Telepsychiatry, for instance, aims to help seniors struggling with mental issues during the crisis. Now, seniors no longer need to set an appointment and show up at a psychiatrist’s clinic just to consult. Experts can help meet patient’s needs while at a safer distance.

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Mobile Concierge and Esthetic Services

Some seniors require concierge services during the crisis. Thankfully, some businesses now offer these exact services to home-bound seniors. Some services they offer are the following.

  • Regular checking in via mobile
  • Personal shopping for basic needs and wants
  • Picking up and delivering packages
  • Personal training to help establish and maintain fitness
  • Light housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Companionship and social interaction
  • Respite for family members

There are also times when seniors may require esthetic services. Even seniors could use a bit of TLC during these trying times to maintain their confidence. Some esthetic services perfect for seniors are provided by hairstylists, manicurists, massage therapists, and even trained Medical Aestheticians.

Senior Benefit Programs

For seniors struggling financially during the crisis, they can seek support from different government and nonprofit initiatives. In the U.S., Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) aims to help families by providing a food budget. You can then use their support to make healthy food purchases necessary to boost your immunity during the crisis.

The Household and Outside Maintenance for Elderly (H.O.M.E.) is a special program that helps senior homeowners. H.O.M.E. targets seniors aging in place but can’t afford to maintain their house due to physical and financial limitations. Their maintenance program can help ensure the health safety of your home so you can continue living independently.

There are other professional services that are helping seniors deal during COVID-19. All these aim to make seniors feel safer, healthier, and sane despite the ongoing crisis. If you are a senior yourself or have a senior loved having a hard time coping mid-pandemic, you can consider availing of these services.

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