Revamping Your Outdoor Living Space

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We take great pleasure in decorating and renovating the interior of our homes to make them a reflection of ourselves and what we value most. However, with too much thought in the process, we may have forgotten that beautifying the inside is as vital as fixing the outside. Today, it can be beneficial for many of us to spend some time under the sun and breathe in fresh air to help release stress. That said, creating a comfortable and relaxing outdoor living space is crucial.

Play around with lights

When it comes to using lights as home décor, you should not limit yourself by waiting for holidays and special occasions to put them up. When the weather starts to warm up, you may find yourself spending more of your time outside; thus, it’s best to create a calming environment with stylish and cozy lights perfect for your evening relaxation. Installing lights can also help illuminate the pathways to lessen accidents and cases of theft.

Moreover, garden lights can draw attention to your garden’s beautiful features, such as trees, bushes, and stone paths. Emphasizing a more appealing part of your garden also helps divert attention to some details that you may want to stay hidden for now. Of course, you can always experiment with the types of lighting that you can incorporate to beautify your space.

For example, while most outdoor illumination nowadays uses soft lights on electric bulbs and strings, you can always incorporate solar garden lights for a more environmentally- and energy-friendly design. You can also have them in various shapes and sizes, such as mini lamps, pathway lanterns, mushrooms stakes, and other creative ways to create a more appealing ambiance for your lawn.

Moreover, if you want to put lights on your home’s exterior, remember that lighting placed from above can highlight your home’s architecture, whereas those aimed downwards create a gentler, warm, and inviting glow.

Go Al Fresco

Outdoor patio

Just as the core of every household, it comes as no surprise that the kitchen stays among every homeowner’s favorite outdoor home features. Aside from being the focal point of your space, adding this can be beneficial when hosting a party with friends. Not only will establishing a secondary kitchen prevent you from making frequent journeys in and out of the house, but it will also provide an excellent location for entertaining visitors making food preparation and space more convenient.

Barbecuing has long been the go-to activity when it comes to outdoor cooking. Still, there’s no reason why you can’t enhance your space with quality kitchen appliances and an appropriate furniture setup. For example, if you have a smaller area, you can customize them by placing your sink, counter, and chiller next to each other for better mobility and maximize your storage. Otherwise, you can install a grilling station or clay pizza ovens with fire pits for your weekend bonding with your loved ones.

Moreover, you may also consider installing permanent or retractable roofing to avoid damage caused by changes in the temperature or harsh weather conditions.

Play with the elements

The discovery of fire helped better all facets of life. From protection to food to socializing, fire has become an evolutionary advantage to early humans. Therefore, adding this element to your outdoor space can swiftly change an average outdoor environment into a more welcoming and pleasant one. If you live in cooler areas, a garden bonfire is perfect for keeping you warm as you enjoy the chilly nights.

Whatever your budget, you may create the perfect outdoor campfire with a simple pit or go all out with a stone gas-fueled one. Just make sure to check on your city’s fire rules and the legality of open fires in your neighborhood before using or installing a fire pit to avoid accidents.

In addition, you can also add more elements to create contrast and balance. For example, while fire adds warmth, water offers a calming ambiance and tranquility. You can choose from garden fountains, cascading waterfalls, or a more peaceful Koi pond where you can add lotus, lilies, and other aquatic plants to add more character to your outdoor living space.

Once you’ve decided on upgrading and renovating your outdoor space, consider planting some seasonal plants around the perimeter. Apart from its direct effect on beautifying your garden, studies show that exposure to greenery is beneficial to one’s mental and physical health. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with planting various trees, flowers, and bushes around. It can be tricky to find and spend quality time with the people we care about in today’s fast-paced environment. But by creating your own hideaway within your private property, we can do so without having to sacrifice much.

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