Renovation Rewards: 4 Bathroom Upgrades That are Totally Worth the Money

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It’s not a secret that bathroom upgrades are one of the most expensive remodelling projects. But, at the same time, it’s also the biggest contributor to a home’s increased value. That’s why it’s never really a losing game when you invest in a bathroom renovation for your Brisbane home. You just have to make the most of it. By that, you need to identify what bathroom upgrades would bring you the best bang for your buck. That said, invest in these updates that are worth your money:

Separate shower and bathtub

The shower-bath tub combo works, but there’s value in having distinction in such spaces. For one, it makes your space look more expansive. At the same time, according to interior designers, the separate arrangement offers more functionality and therefore better ergonomics. If you get an assessment for your home with a master bath that has separate shower and tub, you can guarantee a bigger resale value. Talk to your remodelling contractor how you can maximize space and create distinct zones. Often, this is just a matter of applying the correct scale and proportion to give the illusion of more working space in the room. Your contractor should be able to help you stick to your budget as well. For interior designers, bath remodels sale offerings help keep the costs low.

More functional lighting

Lighting plays a key role in creating the atmosphere you want in an area. In a bathroom, where an ambience of relaxation and peace is most needed, you would need to replace direct, harsh fluorescent lights for recessed lighting for general illumination. Use dimmers as well so you can control the amount of light, depending on the mood you want to create in the space. As bathrooms are essential “workspaces,” task lighting is also important. A pair of sconces on your vanity, on each side of the mirror, greatly help in increasing visibility for when you do your make up or brush your teeth. Of course, it’s also important to maximize natural light. Big windows and mirrors in the space let in more light and enhance illumination.

Additional storage

bathroom with bathtub and long cabinet

A visually appealing, functional bathroom is a clutter-free bathroom. So, having some extra storage areas to keep surfaces neat would really be worth the big investment. When planning storage, don’t just be boxed with the traditional cupboards or cabinets. You can have floating shelves, hampers and baskets, towel racks, drawers that have organizers, etc. Remember vertical space, too. The space above the toilet and your wall-hung cabinets can be used as storage. Your goal is to maximize every corner, so there’s no wasted space.

Timeless flooring

The flooring covers all of the bathroom areas and therefore influences your mood when you enter the space. In most instances, it’s the one unpleasant factor homeowners couldn’t put a finger on. Try switching up your flooring and you’ll see a big aesthetic difference. That’s why an update on the flooring is worth your investment. As there are many bathroom flooring trends popping up here and there, it’s best to stick to the classic ones, so you can enjoy yours for a longer period. Tiles are an ideal choice. Go for the traditional white or the neutrals.

A bathroom remodeling project is indeed an expensive venture, but the aesthetic and functional difference can be drastically positive. That is if you know where to put your money at.

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