Plantation Shutters Give Your Home a Touch of Class

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Once you’ve realized your dream of owning a home, it’s only fair that you customize it to suit your needs and preferences. After all, it’s your personal space, and you want it to make a statement about your highly evolved sense of style and fashion.

With that in mind, plantation shutters make an excellent choice of window treatment for your home since they ooze style and class while increasing the curb appeal. Therefore, you need to choose a variety that suits your budget and home design. If you’re looking for an incredible way to improve air circulation, you can get the best plantation shutters in New Jersey. Classy, easy on the eyes, and durable, this window treatment will keep you safe during inclement weather. To enjoy these benefits, you need to pick the most suitable shutters for your home.

Vinyl Shutters

If you’re on a shoestring budget but can’t afford a chance to give your home an elegant look or bouts of fresh air, you can achieve this feat by installing vinyl shutters. These screens are the most affordable on the market since they are made of PVC material. However, they might have aluminum support for stability. Since PVC is weather-resistant, these shutters are excellent for areas with high levels of moisture.

You can have your pick from five varieties when decorating your home: hollow, structured, solid, or vinyl clad wood. Vinyl shutters won’t make the best choice when you have large windows. You won’t find screens larger than 29 inches because they aren’t strong enough structurally to cover this span. For large windows, these shutters need a divider rail or some other support system, which might ruin the traditional look.

Wood Plantation Shutters

Wooden shutters

Wooden shutters make the best window treatment when looking to boost your home’s curb appeal. Since wood has a high strength-to-weight ratio, it’s durable and light. Basswood makes the golden standard in the shutter industry. You can hone and shape wood into different shapes and sizes, and you can paint it to suit any home style and design.

Although wood shutters are stronger than vinyl or composite ones, they are susceptible to moisture damage. Therefore, you shouldn’t use them in moisture-prone areas, such as the basement, kitchen, and bathrooms. They might warp or peel when exposed to constant moisture in such areas.

Composite Shutters

Also known as engineering, fake, or faux wood, composites are made of engineered wood: medium-density fibreboard wrapped in a PVC or vinyl. Composite shutters are more affordable compared to wood screens but a bit more expensive than plastic ones.

In the end, plantation shutters are an excellent window treatment as they give your home a touch of class while bathing the interior with lots of natural light. They are made of materials that will last you for a long time. However, you need to pick the correct type of shutters for your windows if you want to harness all their benefits. If you feel unsure, you should ask for a professional’s help or advice.

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