Nature and Landscape: Maintaining a Work of Art During Winter

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If you are residing in a four-season area like Canada or some parts of the United States, you may be having a harder time maintaining your well-designed landscape during the winter. Indeed, many gardening enthusiasts hate the winter since it causes foliage to temporarily lose its beauty. Thus, for this period, your lush green garden transforms into a dull palette of white and gray. Additionally, the ground will be covered in a thick layer of snow, so you’ll be forced to postpone any plans for planting.

Well, do not fret. There are several ways to prepare and plan during the initial three seasons (summer, spring, and autumn) before winter comes. If you want to ensure that your Grande Prairie property is ready to battle Canada’s cold months, here are five methods of landscape maintenance that you can follow:

Prioritize branches

While it is true that trees shed off their leaves in wintertime, their bare branches and trunks are retained and highlighted. Thus, towards the end of autumn, you can decorate the branches with different visually appealing materials. You can even consult a landscape professional to help you install ornamental trees with eye-catchy, well-patterned, and roughly textured bark.

Protection is a mulch

Mulch offers a lot in terms of aesthetics but more importantly, it provides warmth and insulation to the roots of your plants. Thus, they will be protected from harsh winter conditions like wind and extremely low temperature. Make sure that the roots of your shrubs and trees are covered with about six to eight centimeters of mulch before the onset of winter.

Use an anti-desiccant

Particular plants damage more easily from snow, ice, and cold wind. This is why using an anti-desiccant spray is important, as it provides a coat of protection in your greenery to prevent winter burn and loss of moisture.

Rely on external designs

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Sure, you won’t be able to add more plants in the winter, but a better solution to enhance the beauty of your landscape is by adding materials, such as a sculpture, an arbor, a bench, or whatever you fancy. You can incorporate some fixtures and lighting that will give an enchanting and festive glow to your winter wonderland. Strategically position these materials and the lighting and ensure that they are situated in harmonized and cohesive lines.

Berries, berries, berries

As mentioned, trees and shrubs lose their leaves during winter. However, berries may stay affixed to the plants, thus providing your garden with small bursts of vibrant color. Another thing is berries provide food for birds during the cold months, so if you want to help nature, opting for berry plants is a superb idea.

Winter has long been associated with doom and gloom, but it doesn’t have to be. You can maintain a lavish landscape through tedious and diligent planning. Additionally, snow adds a magical white sheen to your property, so why not use it to your advantage? Create some snow sculptures and install colorful materials that complement a winter wonderland vibe.

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