The Rise of the Modest Fashion Industry

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In social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, various fashion trends have already come and gone in a short span of time. Quarantine fashion trends have included face masks and PPEs in fashion design. 90s fashion has also been making a comeback on the streets. The fashion industry has been transforming into a more diverse field, including in mainstream fashion. One particular sector of the fashion industry that has been making waves is modest fashion.

Being a fashion icon is not exclusive to having revealing and tight clothes. It should not even be exclusive to a certain set of body shapes and sizes. The fashion industry is slowly moving towards a more progressive state through modest fashion. A lot of brands have started offering various clothing options and accessories for modestly dressed people. Accessories have also been available for these individuals. You can try making your own accessories if you buy high-quality mala beads, wooden beads, or glass trinkets, depending on your design goal and your design’s purpose.

Dressing for fashion and being fashion-forward should be for everyone. This industry should provide accessible means for the enjoyment of the larger population. Fashion promotes self-expression which can be beneficial to the search for one’s identity.

Modest Fashion 101

In modern fashion, clothing designs have become increasingly revealing. People including celebrities and social media influencers have been starting various trends of dressing provocatively. This type of fashion has become somewhat acceptable in society and is sometimes even seen as a statement against discriminatory views towards women. Revealing clothing might be one of the “hottest” trends on social media these days, but there is also another trend that is making waves. Modest clothing is here to make a statement.

Modest dressing or wearing covered-up clothing has become a fashion trend in recent times. Whether it be for cultural or religious reasons, modest dressing has transformed into a trend that has more stylish options for fashionable individuals. While there are people who dress modestly due to personal spiritual beliefs, some women take modest dressing as an opportunity to assert their freedom and rights in dressing however they want to dress.

Being free to wear whatever type of clothing that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your skin is what fashion is about. You should be able to make your own choices when it comes to expressing yourself through your style and apparel. Modest dressing is one way of expressing your individuality to the world without feeling pressured to reveal more skin than you are comfortable with.

Like any other fashion icon, people who prefer to dress modestly are also interested in luxury fashion goods and other fashionable items. The only problem is that they are not given enough options to choose from when it comes to modest but stylish clothing. While modest fashion has been making waves recently, provocative and revealing clothing still dominates the market. Many fashion designers still revolve around more revealing fashion options, leaving minimal choices for modest dressers.

Fashion designers these days should be more open about the variety of consumers that are interested in their designs. These designers should find ways to be more inclusive of their market by coming up with stylish options for a wide variety of fashion-forward individuals. Similar to how the fashion industry has been slowly transforming in the size department, modest clothing should also be considered and integrated into a fashion designer’s collection.

We Got You Covered: Modest Fashion Rising

modest fashion

While the fashion market is currently saturated with revealing clothing items, there have been many social media influencers and style icons that have been slowly adopting a modest wardrobe into their lifestyles. As fashion-forward people, it would be helpful to have fashion icons to look up to who have a similar taste in fashion. The new wave of modest fashion influencers can be of great help to many stylish individuals who prefer dressing modestly.

Wearing modest fashion, for some people, is a matter of committing to their personal beliefs. While these spiritual beliefs are often the priority of many people, these values should not be a hindrance to expressing yourself through clothing. Having fashion icons with modest style can be the entryway for fashion designers to consider making more modest clothing to cater to this growing audience.

Many fashion designers these days follow trends on social media and what the supposed majority of their audience prefers. Meanwhile, there is a small portion of fashion designers who have already started exploring the possibilities of designing modest clothing. While this is good news for many stylish people, there still remains to be many fashion designers who should consider expanding their audience.

Modest fashion makes a new statement that expressing oneself does not fit in a box. There are various ways of self-expression through clothing and dressing modestly is one of them.

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