Make Your Wedding Memorable

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When you get married, you will want to make it memorable. Many people do it in a church with the usual stuff involved. For those attending them, it can be hard to keep everything straight. Here’s how you can make your wedding memorable or hard to forget:

Start with the Invitations

Some couples fire off an e-mail, and that’s it for invitations. Yes, convenient, but the message can be easily deleted. So if you want people to remember your special event, make something special for invitations. Work with your partner to come up with the perfect wedding stationery for your big event. Whether you want to go with something sappy or minimalist, the goal is to show your guests that you thought of them as you made the invitation.

Take It Somewhere Special

An exclusive wedding destination in France or somewhere else exotic can be a great way to have a memorable wedding day. Can you imagine being married on a beach or in a French chateau? That is the sort of romantic moment that comes only once in a lifetime.

However, destination weddings can also be memorable for being disasters. You should dedicate months of planning so that you can ensure that everything turns out okay. All that effort is going to be worth it when you see the sunset as you say, “I do.”

Work on the Food and Drinks

catering food weddingWhen you’re planning a wedding, ensuring the food and drinks are great is almost a given. There’s nothing like bad food to make a wedding horrible. Hire a great caterer, and they can have your guests remembering the wedding for the great crab cakes, at least.

You can take it to the next level. Have the caterer come up with a signature dish or drink for the occasion. Something unique and won’t be found anywhere else. This can be a bit demanding, but if you give your caterer enough warning and you work with them, their chef will most likely appreciate the challenge. Special drinks can also make their debut if you’ve got a creative bartender.

Special Party Favors

You guys are supposed to hand out some party favors as the wedding and reception are ending. It’s a way to remember the occasion, but most people settle for mass-market knickknacks. Turn that expectation on its head by offering something a bit more special. Customized candles are a nice touch. If you’ve got the money, you might even provide some unique jewelry for the occasion.

Have a Special Photo Shoot

Your photographer is there already, so why not have some exclusive photo shoots? You might have seen of them already as they’ve gone viral on the Internet. Get your friends and family together and do something wacky or have a unique theme. This special occasion only comes around once after all.

Your wedding is a particular time, and you’ll want to make it unforgettable. The tips above should help in making your wedding a unique experience, both for you and your guests. A great wedding is not just for memories. It should also mark another milestone in your life as you and your partner continue on life’s journey together.

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