Make Your Floor an Artwork: Check Out These Creative Treatments

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choosing house flooringA concrete floor is a popular choice for its durability and inexpensive price. But, there’s another important advantage you can enjoy when you have a concrete floor on your property. That is, you can give it a creative touch with some treatments and make it look stunning just like that.

Why Treating Floors is Important?

There are many ways you can give your flooring a different look, far from the boring and plain image it has at its most basic. Adding a surface covering like urethane coating is just one of the many. But, why is it necessary to give your flooring a creative treatment?

Aesthetics is the first, topmost reason. You would not want the look and feel of a bare concrete to step on. You want it to look great and impressive and to complement the rest of your home’s interiors. Flooring treatments can instantly change the look and appeal of the entire household. Another important reason to contemplate about a flooring treatment is durability. By adding a coating of protection on your flooring, you will be able to enhance and further its lifespan. The extra protection can keep water from seeping through and cause water damage.

Different Flooring Treatments

polished floor

With flooring treatments, you can easily turn the surface you step on into a masterpiece. It could be your next artwork and you can get the results you wanted and needed, depending on the type of treatment that you choose.

  • Acid stained flooring. The use of certain concrete acids can dramatically change ordinary flooring into an exceptional one. The dramatic effect can be obtained through a top coating of concrete acid that is applied on cured and hardened cement. This treatment is considered a great choice for kitchen floors as it can repel water and dirt. An acid stained floor is easy to maintain.
  • Polished flooring. Polishing is another amazing treatment that gives your space a wonderful, industrial appeal. This floor treatment is done with the use of a grinder that’s powered with abrasive pads. If coloring is needed, a urethane coating may be applied or acid staining may be done.
  • Epoxy coated flooring. Applying epoxy as a topcoat is another way to treat a seemingly plain concrete floor. Apart from adding an exciting brilliance to your flooring, it can instantly make cracks and crevices disappear. The unique designs of epoxy treatments can give your home a modern touch.

There are a lot of other options you can go for if you are looking to make your flooring look a lot more impressive. Tiles, carpets, vinyl, linoleum, and hardwood slabs may be added onto the floor, but they would certainly require a bigger budget than if you embrace your cemented floor at its most bare. If you have a limited budget, the simplest way to go is to apply a topcoat, like urethane coating, which will instantly change the look and feel of your flooring. It may be the cheapest, but it will not necessarily make your flooring look cheap.

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