What Can Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Cool, Classy, and Charming?

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smiling newlyweds on the luxury outdoor wedding ceremony in haze tent near the oceanThe idea of an outdoor wedding is certainly romantic. Getting married surrounded by lovely natural vistas instead of stone walls has a certain rustic appeal. A ceremony under a lovely sky, with playful breezes, and serenaded by birds is like a fairy tale come true.

Your first concern will probably be rain if you’re planning to have your wedding underneath the sky . Getting your nuptials upstaged by a sudden downpour can dampen your spirits, but don’t forget to also have a plan in case the opposite happens.A sudden heat wave or even a cloudless sky can turn sunlight from beautiful to broiling.

Here are some ideas you should keep in mind if you want your romance to be the only thing that sizzles on your wedding day.

Pick the Perfect Place

You and your wedding planner should pinpoint the right place to stage your nuptials. Consider setting up on the shores of a lakeside wedding venue so that breezes from the water keep your guests comfortable. Or you can hold the event under a lovely forest canopy. The natural ceiling will diffuse the sunlight, giving your guests protection from the heat.

Or you can bring your own shade by putting up a tent or canvas canopy so you can enjoy a natural ambience without getting sunburned. You can keep the tent from getting stuffy by using a large electric fan and fully rolling up the sides to circulate ventilation.

Sun-proof Souvenirs

Think about incorporating a way your guests can cool themselves during the ceremony with your souvenirs. That way, your guests will be grateful during the event, and will remember your wedding every time they use your giveaway.

You can give out fans that are simple laminated cardboardsor elaborate personalized favors. There are multiple designs available, from colorful silk fans to regal sandalwood creations. If your ceremony has an Asian theme, consider faux lacquered fans.

If you want to think bigger, you can give each guest their own parasols. Again, the design possibilities are endless. The right vendor can supply your wedding party with elegantly uniform white umbrellas or a profusion of colored or printed parasols.

Relief Through Refreshments

top of view of spritz aperitif aperol cocktail with orange slices and ice cubes on wood table

Getting married is thirsty work, and so can witnessing two people become as one under a summer sun.

You can quench your guests’ thirsts with ice-cold refreshments. Although you should keep cold, bottled water on hand, you can serve fruit-infused water for a simple, yet zesty, drink.  Classic beverages, like iced tea and lemonade, can evoke a rustic country feel, particularly in an outdoor wedding. Or you can quench thirst and sate a sweet tooth with flavorful snow-cones and creamy popsicles. A lot of these refreshments can melt and spill, so provide your guests with napkins or bibs to help keep their outfits pristine.

It can be wonderful to get married outdoors. But you should also remember that nature doesn’t always cooperate with your schedule and plans. So when planning a wedding under the sky, you best prepare for everything and anything, that drops from it, be it raindrops or sunlight.


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