It’s Time for a Nice, Hot Bath

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When the day is through, all anyone would want to do is get home and rest. “Rest” can have a different meaning for anyone. It could come in the form of a hot tea and Netflix, while for some it could mean some great food and red wine. There are also those who define rest as a long hot bath without any distraction.

Creating the Perfect Hot Bath

Most people think that you need to have an Instagram-worthy bathroom to have a refreshing bath. In truth, you can build the mood yourself. All you need to do is place some candles along your bathroom vanities.

To avoid standing every now and then, make sure you have all your bath essentials near you. Now, since the New Zealand climate can be hot at times, it might be a good idea to crack the window open. Make sure that you adjust the temperature of your water to account for the cool air.

Since it is not a relaxing bath if people would be calling for you each time, make sure that you set your bath when everyone has gone to bed or if you are not having anyone at the house. If you want some soothing music, make sure that you keep your music player away from your tub as it might get wet.

If you are looking to detoxify your body, you might want to make use of Epsom salts. Many people sear to the efficacy of Epsom salts in drawing out toxins. It is also highly recommended for relaxing muscles, particularly if you are suffering from gout. If this is not your thing, consider using essential oils. Some great combination include eucalyptus and peppermint (for those with stuffy nose) and lemon and rosemary (for boosting your mood).


enjoying thermal bath

A long, hot bath does not mean you should lay there soaking in water. You can have some wine and snacks while lounging away. A bath caddy will of great help here, providing a table where you can place your magazines, wine, and some snacks. If you do not have a bath caddy, you can build one your own.

At some point, your bath might cause you to fall asleep. To make sure that you do not hurt your head, consider getting a waterproof pillow. They provide a great neck support so you would not have a stiff neck once you get off your bathtub.

Your body is not the only thing you can relax while taking a bath. Grab some face mask and give your face some downtime as well. Before putting on the mask, give it a good round of facial scrub to take out all of the dead skin calls. You can also do the same to your body.

When you are through, get a fluffy towel and pat your body dry. Do not scrub your body dry as this will stress your skin. Some people prefer having a separate fluffy towel for when they would have their long bath. As long as it is not too rough, any towel will do.

A nice hot bath is what you deserve after a long day. Go on and prepare your bathroom for that ultimate at-home spa experience.


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