Is your dentist in Stevenage doing all they can for your smile?

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Keeping you smiling

Recent and ongoing global events have undeniably put a damper on an already somewhat trying year. With the impact of Covid-19 shaping every aspect of our lives, it can be tempting to hide ourselves away in a bubble and ignore the outside world. However, it is important that people know the services which are available from their dentist in Stevenage, so that they are aware of how they could be benefiting from them and are not at any risk of missing out. Recent lockdown measures may have caused some of us to become lax about our oral health routines, and now may be the perfect time to have our dental wellbeing professionally assessed and determined, and to receive any treatment that we may require. By doing so, we can make sure that our oral health is at the standard that it ought to be, and that nothing potentially damaging can affect our health.

Straightening things out

One of the main worries which patients commonly have is that they are at risk of developing periodontal disease (gum disease). This is the second most common cause of adult tooth loss, and is something which can seriously impact on all aspects of our health if it is not treated. Typically, periodontal disease is caused by pockets of food bacteria and plaque which form between the patient’s teeth and spread to their gums. Those who have teeth which are crooked or badly aligned run a significantly higher risk of contracting periodontal disease, because of the amount of space between their teeth. Therefore, it is recommended that patients who have badly aligned teeth look into the extensive orthodontic treatment methods which are available to them, as a way of preventing gum disease, as well as enhancing the beauty of their smiles. Modern orthodontics have evolved far beyond conventional fused metal braces, and can now achieve quality results in a far shorter timescale and often through means which leave little to no impact on how a patient looks aesthetically.

What are my orthodontic options?

One orthodontic treatment which has become massively sought after over recent years is the Six Month Smiles system. This is mainly because of its ability to transform a patient’s smile in a short time frame without affecting how they look to such a drastic degree as conventional metal braces. As you may have guessed, the Six Month Smiles brace system can straighten out a patient’s smile in as little a time as six months, and features brackets which are attached in a similar way to conventional braces, although they are made using tooth-coloured ceramics and feature a clear plastic connecting wire rather than a metal one. As such, they leave far less visible impact on a patient’s appearance, which may help to explain why they are so regularly sought out by teenagers and younger adults who are wanting to align their smiles – without the treatment defining how they look for as long as 12 months, as traditional braces may. Anybody who wants to correct their badly aligned teeth as a way of preserving their dental health and maximising their smile’s impact should speak to a professional about cosmetic alternative options such as Six Month Smiles today.

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