Is It Real? How to Recognize Fake from Authentic Diamonds

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Diamonds are a symbol of wealth and prestige. That is because the rich are usually the only ones who can afford them. But, what if a regular individual were to stumble upon what looks to be a diamond — will they be able to immediately tell if the stone is genuine or fake? Well, we have listed here some noteworthy tips if you are interested in gaining some knowledge about recognizing a real diamond from a fake one.

Take a Test at Home

To perform a diamond test at home, you will need to get yourself a loupe. A loupe is like a magnifying glass intended solely for jewelry purposes. You can easily find this in jewelry shops. Keep in mind that most diamonds are made by nature. That means there will be imperfections in their carbon. A fake diamond, on the other hand, will be perfect. If you think your “perfect” diamond is lab-grown, you should still take it to a stone expert.

Next is to look at the edges. A real diamond will have sharp edges, while a fake stone will usually have dull or rounded edges. Then, look at the etchings and mounting accessories. If the diamond is mounted on steel, silver, or other cheap material, it could be fake. Diamonds are usually mounted on equally precious materials like gold and platinum.

Do the Scratch Test

Get a sheet of sandpaper and rub it against the stone. Diamonds are recognized as among the world’s hardest materials. This means cheap sandpaper will not be able to leave a single scratch on it. If your diamond ends up getting all scratched up, it is most likely cubic zirconium.

Perform the Fog Test

This is another test that can immediately reveal whether your diamond is fake or genuine. The best part is that you can do it at home with no trouble at all. Just breathe some hot air through your mouth on the diamond. Do it the same way you intend to fog up a mirror. Now, if the supposed diamond fogs up even if it is just for a limited amount of time, it is not a real diamond. Genuine diamonds do not retain heat at all.

Check the Way It Sparkles

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Diamonds have a very unique way of reflecting light. A real diamond will have a grayish and white sparkle inside. This is what experts call “brightness.” On the outside of a real diamond, it should reflect rainbow-like colors onto the surrounding surface. This dispersed light is called “fire.” A fake diamond, meanwhile, will have rainbow colors. Authentic diamonds sparkle but not in the way that most people think. If there are rainbow colors that can be seen inside the stone, the diamond is fake.

The distinct characteristics of diamonds make it easy to recognize the real ones from the fake. These also make them very expensive. But if you really want to wear a diamond without spending on a genuine one, you can go for simulated diamonds instead.

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