How Millennials Are Revolutionizing Dating

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Millennials approach many things differently, which irk many older generations. They work, play, and live differently. Many baby boomers disapprove of their decisions, but that does not make millennials any less than older generations.

On Dating: Millennials Versus the Boomer Generation

One thing that millennials are doing differently compared to baby boomers is how they approach dating. Many millennials don’t have the time and patience to find a date the old-school way. Gone are the days when one has to double the groundwork just to know the name of their new love interest, take multiple trips to win the favor of their love’s parents, and spend too much time getting to know each other before becoming a couple.

Nowadays, technology makes it easy to find someone you can date. Dating sites and apps make it effortless to get to know many singles simultaneously. Some even hire professional dating matchmakers.

Millennial breakups also tend to be less formal. This is why the term ghosting became big during these past few years. It refers to one party suddenly cutting communication with their partner and ignoring attempts to communicate or reconcile.

Millennials are also more likely to let everyone know their status by posting on social media. From first dates to romantic dinners and trips, they are likely to keep their online network updated. Before, people had no social media to flex their date interests.

Today’s younger generation also uses social media to date. They use the platform to reach out to potential mates, communicate, and exchange forms of affection. These days, one considers interactions and engagement in social media a form of expression.

One thing common among today’s younger generation is their obsession with interconnectivity. While flexing your photos, videos, and engagement in social media can be seen as sweet, this changes after a breakup. Many people wipe their social media accounts with traces of their exes to move on and avoid future mates from thinking negatively.

Unconventional relationships are also common to millennials. They no longer believe that love should be defined by skin color, gender, or race. They approve of interracial dating and marriage. Unlike older generations, they don’t mind dating and even marrying someone regardless of their race, which is one reason why interracial families are steadily growing in numbers.

The Drawbacks of Millennial Dating

Many millennials view dating as alluring but complicated. Their tendency to rely on technology makes it awkward when dating in real life. While finding dates while in your pajamas is possible using your phone and the internet, many fail to keep the spark alive after meeting in person.

Some people define dating as hanging out and talking instead of courting. Many millennials end their relationships abruptly, without enough closure. Dates become disposable simply because dating apps make meeting new singles effortless.

Many people judge others by their looks, the number of likes in their photos, and how they write their bio on dating sites. Some people choose to stop talking to you suddenly but still engage with your online self. Others choose to stay but have no plans of making commitments.

Why Fewer Millennials Are Into Dating

Today’s largest generational cohort has enough problems in their hands to prioritize dating. Their finances are usually the top of their worries. Many of them are nursing massive headaches due to their sky-high debts.

Today’s generation wants financial stability before committing. Sure, they date now and then. But that does not necessarily mean they are already looking for long-term relationships.

More single ladies from the millennial generation are prioritizing homeownership. They want to secure their future by earning the right to own a house. This is even before they consider tying the knot with someone.

Many people rely too much on credits cards that they can’t live without accumulating debt. This stops them from focusing on their love life. When you already have many debts under your name, it becomes tricky to find a mate willing to share your financial burdens.

Dating can be expensive. Millennials, like almost everyone, want to impress their dates with a nice romantic dinner and other dating must-haves. But when you are low on budget, one’s creativity and boldness can be their only way to snag a second date.

Millennials also believe that there is no reason to rush into marriage. They are willing to test the waters, even if that means having sexual fun with different partners. Others choose to do this by cohabiting first.

This goes to show just how different millennials’ approaches are when it comes to dating. Many feel like they don’t have the time and money to date seriously just yet. Others are not ready for the long-term commitment. There are also some who want to avoid the formality of divorce by moving in before tying the knot. If there is one thing for sure, that is the fact that today’s generation is changing the dating landscape.


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