Home Installations to Help Secure Your Home

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A home is not only for comfort and shelter. It serves the bigger purpose of keeping its dwellers safe and secure. It’s a haven for you and your family — so it’s your job to keep it that way.

Statistics show that burglary happens once every 23 seconds in the United States alone. It’s the second most frequent felony that occurs in the country. Because of this rampant crime, it’s proper to say that there’s no assurance that you’re 100% safe inside your homes.

Luckily, you can do something about it. Keeping your home and your family safe is your number one priority. Here are some home installations you should make to help secure your home.

Garage Door

Most home garages are not secured with gates or doors. This makes it easier for home invaders to enter your home or steal belongings you keep in the garage for storage. This opening is the most popular entry point for criminals.

Installing a garage door will help keep people out and provide a shield for your car and other belongings. Most garage doors are manual. But with the advent of technology, automatic garage doors are gaining popularity.

If you already have a garage door for your home in Logan, Utah, keep your maintenance efforts in check. You have to make sure it’s functioning properly at all times. Conduct frequent investigation and garage door repairs.

Front doors

This might seem obvious. I mean, who wouldn’t secure their front doors. But you’ll be surprised to find out that 34% of burglars just walk through a house’s front door! Even if you lived in the neighborhood for a long time and have built a sense of trust with the community, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know when a stranger can come waltzing around the neighborhood and through your front door.

Inspect all entrances in your home and make sure they’re strong and secure. Repair any broken hinges or damaged door frames. Install more than one lock on your door. And most importantly, don’t keep a spare key under the rug!


Windows are so easy to break, that’s why it’s a common entry point for burglars. Most window manufacturers don’t make very sturdy windows. But what you can do to increase the quality of your windows is to install a window security film. This film helps absorb impact and hold the glass together when they break.

A more secure option is to install windows or glass break sensors that will alert you when your windows are being shattered.


man installing lightInstall lights all around your house — from the front lawn to the back yard. Burglars and home invaders embrace the dark. A brightly lit house will serve to deter burglars from breaking and entering.

Install bright lights on all walkways and paths leading to your home. Make sure not to leave out any dark area that can be passed through. Motion-activated lights are also a good idea. They light up upon sensing movement, so it’s a great deterrent against invaders.

Security system

Even if you’ve installed a lot of equipment in your home, you can’t monitor every one of them simultaneously. Luckily there are security systems that serve to secure the home. Different types have different functions. Some alert you when there’s unusual movement in your home. Some cause an alarm to go off when the doors have been opened.

Find and install a home security system that suits your needs and preferences.

With these installations, you’re increasing the safety of your home. Don’t hesitate to invest in keeping your home secure. Although this equipment might seem expensive, they’re necessary expenses for the well-being of you and your family.

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