Going on Vacation: Best Attractions in the Northwest

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Father and son fishing

Many people tend to go on vacation at more popular destinations to unwind. The fact that they’re popular, however, means it can get crowded, making it very difficult to enjoy the many things they have to offer.  Thankfully, Fish Creek offers much to those who want to escape it all. Here are the best things to see and do in this beautiful place.

If you go to tourist destinations that everyone wants to go to, then you’ll likely have to jostle those same tourists to enjoy the views. That isn’t something you need to suffer through. One way is to book a hotel in Fish Creek to enjoy the area’s natural wonders—away from the madding crowd. Here are the best adventures you can have and enjoy to relax in Fish Creek today.

Peninsular Players

This theater isn’t too far from many reputable hotels in Fish Creek. It is touted as being America’s oldest summer theater and what makes it unique is that it’s surrounded by beautiful lush gardens that feature many trees and cool, open spaces. The local troupe fields numerous highly lauded productions in its annual seasons, and there’s always a show to take in that range from the dramatic to the comedic. Essentially, they have something for every taste and every preference.

Edgewood Orchard

It’s rare that you get to enjoy both the artistry of nature and humanity blended in one amazing package. But that combination is what the Edgewood Orchard Galleries have to offer to its visitors. The Galleries are housed in a restored fruit barn and remains surrounded by the environments filled with the wonders of the area and feature art exhibitions across a range of different media. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature before and after taking in the beautiful seasonal exhibit within the Galleries themselves.

Peninsula State Park

If you want an adventure that is truly natural and exciting, then look no further than Peninsula State Park. This wide piece of protected land is located in the northeastern tip of the state. It offers amazing bike trails and exceptional camping experiences that are suitable to everyone from the most experienced of hikers to even those who are out with their families. You can also enjoy the breathtaking sights that are on display all around the park. The trails are perfect for those who like to wander.

Harbor Ridge Winery

Woman kayaking

From the dry to the sweetest reds, this winery is a must for any sommelier or those with a taste for the finest in wines. They offer a unique drinking experience in their breathtaking patio and log loft for those who want to sip their problems away momentarily. You can sample dozens upon dozens of different wines—each with their own stories to tell and experiences to share. It’s one of the highest rated wineries in the region and is perfect for those who want to  kick back and relax.

Why go for full places that are usually equally overpriced when you can enjoy adventures off the beaten track. Fish Creek offers many adventures and experiences to travelers of all stripes. It also features some of the most beautiful top hotels to book in. Go for any of these adventures in the area with your family and friends and you won’t regret it.

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