Get To Know Your Walnut Worktop

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A walnut worktop is becoming a popular choice for many customers due to its highly valuable roots which are rare within the world of timber. In addition to using the wood’s high value roots a walnut worktop also possesses a unique beauty, therefore making it a fantastic enhancement to any home. If you are considering walnut wood for your kitchen then you may be interested to find out more information regarding its origin.

Did you know?

Walnut worktops not only possess a unique beauty, but the trees they come from are also commonly known as one of the most desirable timber species in the world! Walnut is a wood that is commonly used for some of the highest class furniture and accessories within the home, however it is also sourced from the unique Black Sea region, therefore giving it a wavy patterning and rich colouring.

Why choose a walnut worktop?

Within the modern world of timber sourcing there is an increasing variety of woods available for wooden worktops made accessible by many suppliers, a few examples are oak, beech, and even cherry wood worktops! Despite this variety however walnut worktops make for an excellent addition to any kitchen, its deep colouring and unique texture tells a story, not only exemplifying a classic appearance, but also making for a durable material that is designed to last a lifetime!

Walnut worktops that are tailor made to the unique dimensions of your kitchen

wooden topWhether you are looking to replace one countertop or embark on a full kitchen refurbishment, many companies now understand that their wide selection of dimensions may not work for the unique shape of your home. With this in mind therefore, many modern worktop providers are now offering their customers a ‘made to measure’ service, this allows clients to find the perfect worktop that suits the unique dimensions of their kitchen.

Conflicted between several wooden worktops?

It is understandable that many customers may be torn between several worktops, with this in mind therefore many companies are now providing their clients with a ‘sample’ service that allows individuals to try their walnut worktop before they place an order! In addition to ensuring clients are happy with the high quality of wood made available by the provider, chunky samples (with dimensions of 25cm x 15cm x 40mm) also allow customers to test the shade and texture of their potential worktop in the light of their own kitchen.

Did you know?

Walnut wood is praised by woodworkers for its dense texture (and therefore undeniable strength), in addition to its rich colouring, and its complex patterning. Walnut wood not only results in a smooth polishing, but it also ages well, for example over the years the wood develops a lustrous patina which is unique, and therefore valued by many customers. In addition to its impressive ageing many customers may be curious as to how to best take care of their walnut worktop in the comfort of their own home, which is why many companies now display care instructions on their websites.

How to take care of your walnut worktop

Many customers may understandably consider their worktops as a substantial financial investment, which is why they may wish to know how to best take care of the newest supplement to their kitchen! In addition to the obvious factors to avoid, such as refraining from directly using sharp knives on the walnut worktop and placing hot plates on the kitchen counter, several other means can be taken to ensure the worktop lasts for as long as possible.

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