Five Essential Dental Health Benefits That Employers Should Give

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American workers are experiencing ongoing problems in the country. It has devastated the economy and each of their lives. One of the pressing concerns is the pandemic.

The pandemic has caused a great deal of financial hardship for American workers. Many have lost their jobs or had their hours cut back. It has made it difficult for them to make ends meet. However, some of the problems employees have also concern their work, specifically, their benefits.

Health insurance is one of the benefits that are important to workers. Unfortunately, health insurance has been rising steadily for years, and the pandemic has made it even more difficult for workers to afford it. As a result, many workers have had to choose between paying for health insurance and other necessities like food and rent.

Moreover, health insurance in the country doesn’t have excellent coverage. This means that even if workers can afford health insurance, they might not be able to get the care they need. This is a huge problem, especially for those with chronic illnesses or who have been injured.

Additionally, dental health benefits are something that every employer should give to their employees, considering that dental health is an ongoing problem in the country. For example, it’s estimated that 90% of American adults have had a cavity at least once. Regarding dental health benefits, here are some of the essential benefits that employers should give to their employees.

Basic Dental Care

Most primary dental care should be given as a benefit to employees. This care usually consists of an annual cleaning, x-rays, and a basic exam. Most dental insurance plans cover at least part of the cost of this type of care.

However, some plans have a very high deductible, making it difficult for employees to afford the care they need. Additionally, many plans only cover a certain percentage of the cost of care, making it difficult for employees to afford the care they need. So, in addition to this, companies should offer to cover other dental procedures, one of them being dental implants.

A dentist teaching what a dental implant is

Dental Implants

Most Americans had lost about twelve of their teeth by the time they reached 50. It’s a staggering statistic when compared to other developed countries. Losing teeth can have a profound effect on a person’s life. It can make it difficult to eat, speak, and smile. It can also lead to depression and anxiety.

Dental implants are one way to replace lost teeth. They are titanium screws placed into the jawbone to support a replacement tooth. Implants are usually done one at a time. But there are also All-on-4 implants, which are implants that support a full set of replacement teeth. It’s a more efficient form of implants as they don’t take as long and don’t cost as much.

However, the procedure isn’t cheap by itself, but you can make it affordable for your employees by offering to cover it. If more employers offer this kind of benefit, the country’s dental health can improve for the better.

Surgical Procedures

In addition to the primary and cosmetic dental procedures, employers should offer some surgical procedures as a benefit. These can include wisdom tooth extractions, root canals, and gum surgery.

These are all procedures that can be very expensive. They can also be very painful. But they are necessary in some cases.

Offering to cover the cost of these procedures can help employees afford the care they need. It can also help to improve the oral health of the country.

Family Dental Care

It’s also crucial that employers cover the dental health of the family of their employees. This benefit is significant for those who have young children. Children’s teeth are exceptionally delicate, and they need to be taken care of properly.

Many families can’t afford to take their children to the dentist, which can lead to problems down the road. By offering this benefit, you can help ensure that children’s teeth are healthy and don’t have any issues in the future.

Discounts on Other Dental Procedures

In addition to the dental procedures offered as a benefit, employers should also offer discounts on other dental procedures. This can include things like braces, teeth whitening, and veneers. These are all procedures that can improve a person’s smile and make them feel better about themselves. They can also enhance a person’s oral health.

Offering discounts on these procedures can make it more affordable for employees to get the care they need. It can also help improve the country’s dental health as a whole.

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