Easy-Clean Home: Minimizing Cleaning with Home Improvement Hacks

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Most people already have lots of things to worry about that are far more important than cleaning the house. There’s your report at work that you sometimes need to finish back home. You may have kids or family members to cook and care for after getting back from the office. You may even have pets to feed and yourself to pamper after a productive day at work and with the family. The last thing you need is to spend what little time you have left for self-care and resting to clean the house.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks you can try to make home upkeep a more bearable task. You can tackle a few home improvement projects that can turn your home into an easier-to-clean house. Here’s how.

Start by Improving Your Floors

Your floors can have a significant impact on your property’s aesthetics, value, comfort, and cleanliness. This is what usually gets dirty and contaminated the most considering it gets its daily beating. The kind of floors you choose for your home can determine how clean, comfortable, and luxe your house can be.

If you want a cleaner home, then start by improving your floors. If you are in for a floor makeover, choose one from the low-maintenance flooring options available. This will make it easier to do clean up and maintain the integrity of the floors.

One of the most crucial areas that require sanitary flooring solutions is in the kitchen. Since this is where you store, prepare, cook, and sometimes serve food to the family, you want the floors to be as sanitary as possible. Consider floor coatings used in food processing facilities, and you improve the safety, functionality, sanitation, and efficiency of your kitchen floors.

Choose Your Paint Wisely

Most homeowners these days are focused on choosing the right paint colors for their walls. They also want to use low or no Volatile Organic Compound or VOC paint for their walls. But many fail to consider the kind of maintenance they need for their chosen paint solutions as well as the family’s unique needs and lifestyle.

Let’s say you have an artistic toddler. When giving your walls fresh paint, you want to find one that is easy to clean, stain-resistant, budget-friendly, and contains little-to-no harmful chemicals. Thankfully, there are numerous easy to maintain paint solutions in the market

For low traffic areas, you can opt for a satin finish or eggshell finish. One only needs to use a soft, warm cloth and a mild cleaning solution to clean satin or eggshell-painted walls. For your toddler’s bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom, semi- or high-gloss paint is among the easiest paint you can trust.

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Plan Your Storage Wisely

Cleaning up and storing items can be a tiresome task. What more if you have little kids with hundreds of toys littering the house? One good way to reduce clean up time is to plan your storage right.

Here are some options you can consider.

  • Choose furniture that has built-in storage. This can be an ottoman you can use to stack toys, reading materials, or even extra throw pillows for the guests. You can also opt for a bed with drawers or storage shelves so you can have a quick hiding spot for documents, extra bedding, or suitcases.
  • Vertical shelves. If you have limited storage space, you can benefit from vertical storage by placing them near areas where you can store items where they are usually stored. Think of vertical shelves near a window sill, above your nightstand, or near your dresser.
  • Cabinets in easy-to-reach areas. Most homeowners are fond of high cabinets they can‘t even reach. Eliminate the need to use a step stool or chair to store your favorite cookware. Save those hard-to-reach storage space for items you rarely use.

Mark Your Ideal Laundry Spot

Most people don’t like doing their laundry. Even if you have a top-of-the-line clothes washer and dryer, it can still be hard work to bring your laundry to the laundry area and back to your bedroom closet. If possible, make your laundry spot work for you by placing it somewhere around the house that is most convenient for you.

Most laundry areas are located in the garage or basement. If you prefer doing other chores like doing the dishes, cooking meals, and keeping an eye on the kids as they play in the yard or living room, your laundry area is better off on the first floor. But if you want to do your laundry just a few steps from our bedroom, then place your laundry spot next to your room.

Every decision you make when improving or renovating your home can affect the amount of time you need to clean and maintain the house. So, make sure you keep cleaning and maintenance in mind the next time you tackle a home improvement or renovation project. Make it easier for you to keep the house clean by choosing the right projects.

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