Dental Implants: give yourself the gift of a great smile

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There are several options for replacing teeth: crowns, bridges and dentures. However, there is also another treatment that uses one of these replacements and secures them in your mouth permanently, just like your natural teeth. It allows the replacement teeth to function just like ordinary teeth, while you are free to eat whatever you want without having to worry about your teeth loosening. Dental implants Nottingham is the treatment that patients are increasingly opting for as it allows them to have natural smiles that also function reliably as natural smiles would.

How do dental implants function?

Nottingham dental implants are metal screws that are made of titanium. They are attached to the jawbone by an implant dentist and secured into position once the jawbone and gums have healed around them. Using an abutment, the replacement teeth of crowns, bridges or dentures can then be attached and fitted permanently, so you aren’t required to remove them for cleaning or when you go to bed. In fact, taking care of your dental implants is really easy. Cleaning them simply involves brushing your teeth, flossing, and visiting your dentist for routine checkups. In doing so, your dental implants can last a lifetime.

Why should I consider getting dental implants?

There are many reasons for getting dental implants, and what tops the list may be the fact that there are health benefits to doing so. Missing teeth have been linked to other health concerns, such as heart disease. What’s more, leaving the gums more exposed to bacteria by not replacing missing teeth can lead to further oral health problems. If you have any natural teeth next to gaps, they can be more prone to cavities, for example. So, alongside the aesthetic benefits, it makes a lot of sense to replace your missing teeth and protect your health in the process.

Another benefit of having dental implants fitted is the fact that nobody else should realise that you don’t have a full set of natural teeth. This means that you can feel confident about smiling, eating and talking, knowing that your implants shouldn’t give the game away by loosening. And while it’s great to have an aesthetically pleasing smile, you can also save money! You won’t need to worry about buying any special toothpaste or adhesive creams.

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How long does it take to get dental implants?

You will only need to have a couple of appointments to have your dental implants fitted under local anaesthesia. During the first, you will have the screws fitted to your jawbone, and temporary replacement teeth will be attached. You will then need to wait a few weeks while your gums heal before returning to the dental practice to have the permanent replacement teeth fitted. It should be a comfortable procedure as the local anaesthesia will be injected first into the areas being treated, and you will be able to leave with your new smile once the treatment is complete!


To find out whether this is a suitable treatment for you, book a consultation with a dentist offering dental implants. They will be able to examine you and discuss the treatment options that will suit you specifically. If you go for implants, you could have convenience, reliability and a beautiful, natural-looking smile!

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