Why are dental check-ups so important?

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The majority of people assume that in order for you to need to attend a dental check-up, there has to be an issue with your teeth. This is almost like saying that in order for you to attend an optometrist appointment you have to be going blind! Of course, more people are worried about attending dental check-ups than visiting an optician but that doesn’t mean that when it is time for you to visit your dental team you can skip the appointment.

With the wealth of information relating to the importance of oral health and its link to other disorders, dental check-ups should be seen as a simple and effective way to keep yourself healthy.

So, what are some of the other advantages of visiting your dentist in Tunbridge Wells for a checkup?

Prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay is not only uncomfortable, it is also rather unsightly and if it is left for long enough, it can also cause the teeth to crack and break, which can cause even more discomfort. Not only that, but if tooth decay is left for long enough it can penetrate below the gum line and cause issues with the pulp leading to a dental infection. Luckily most decay if caught early enough is reversible, and your dental team will be able to remineralize the tooth. If not, a simple filling will be required, or a crown.

Prevent gum disease?

You could be forgiven for assuming that the majority of people lose their teeth due to decay in their adult years. However, it is actually gum disease, as this causes teeth to fall out in their droves in adults. Gum disease, once again, can be detected and treated using regular dental checkups with a scale and polish or a simple dental clean.

Allows restoratives to be checked

If you have fillings or crowns, the check-up is the perfect place for your dental team to check them to ensure that they are not coming loose. Wobbly restoratives can allow decay to set in underneath the tooth and cause more issues in the long term. So, if you ever had a crown or filling fitted you need to attend dental appointments as regularly as possible to ensure that they are still in place.

Patient having a Dental Check Up

Oral cancer screening

One aspect of an oral checkup that is often overlooked is oral cancer screening. This is important because oral cancer is on the rise in the West and is also one of the most detectable and treatable of all cancers. So, make sure you don’t miss your next dental check-up. If your dental team do you suspect that you have oral cancer, they will refer you to a specialist, who will enable you to have cancer treated promptly which will increase the chance of recovery.


And finally, a checkup allows your dental team to clean your teeth, which will remove any plaque and tartar from the teeth and leave you with a gleaming white smile, which is also healthier. It saves money on whitening procedures and also ensures that your teeth and gums are kept healthy.

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