Debunking Common Wedding Misconceptions

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A wedding is a fun and special event. But behind this big day are elaborate preparations. Some wedding misconceptions make it harder for some to plan their weddings.

Are you planning to tie the knot soon? Maybe you are holding on to some of these misconceptions. Debunking them will help you lift some unnecessary stress off your shoulders. Here are some famous ones.

The Wedding Is All About the Bride

Indeed, some aspects of the wedding are solely for the bride to decide. This includes her choice among the many exquisite wedding dresses available in Orem. But, the other details are not for the sole decision of the bride alone. After all, the wedding is for the couple. As such, the decision of the groom matters, too. The wedding preparation is the time when a couple starts making mutual choices.

This narcissistic misconception can also bring many disagreements. Especially if other people are shouldering a part of the wedding budget. With these cases, a bride must learn how to compromise. Also, she must take into account dear people in her life. What if her favorite color does not suit the skin tone of most of her bridesmaids? If her dream destination will hurt the budget and time of most guests, she must reconsider. A wedding should bring people closer, not estrange them.

DIY Is the Way to Go

The rise of Pinterest gave way to DIY wedding ideas. Its appeal comes from the thought of having a very personalized event. Also, DIY concepts are famous for being inexpensive. The truth is DIY projects are not for everybody. One must have the skills and time to push through with it. Lacking these two essential elements will spell disaster.

Also, being very keen on having bespoke details can translate to higher costs. Wedding vendors can put a couple’s vision to life. They can make your wedding details very customized. Thus, you must think well if you will invest in DIY projects or choose suppliers who can create that effect for you.

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You Should Reciprocate an Invite

The guest list is a very vital element of any wedding. It dictates many things such as the budget and the location. Some have the luxury to invite colleagues and casual friends to their weddings. Now, the problem arises when one of these guests have weddings of their own.

Courtesy dictates to invite people back to your event. But, this is a very outdated practice. Practicality and preference should override this misconception. People who truly care for the bride and groom will not hold it against the couple if they get an invite or not.

Keeping Some Traditions

Some traditions were upheld for many generations at weddings. Some examples are the bride wearing a pure white dress, donning a veil, and having cake for dessert. Over time, these traditions were replaced with some alternatives. Now, it is up to the couple if they want to incorporate such elements at their wedding. Choosing what is comfortable and convenient for them is more important, though.

Weddings have evolved. Breaking free from misconceptions will translate to a better and more relaxed event. On a final note, expensive does not mean better.

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