Creative and Budget-friendly Ways to Celebrate Milestones during a Pandemic

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Remember when many of us thought COVID-19 was only going to last two, maybe three months? It feels like a lifetime ago now, but there was a time when we all thought things could get back to normal in a couple of months. Now more than six months since the pandemic was first announced, it seems like this will be our new normal for the foreseeable future, making organizing celebrations or parties seem pointless.

Factor in a recession, and it’s like celebrating in any way seems excessive. But whether you have finally gotten over the initial shock of the pandemic and its effects or you’re still reeling over our world turning upside down, there’s no denying that there are still many things in life that are worth celebrating. Birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancies, marriage—if our families are healthy, if our relationships are still intact, and if we have a roof over our heads, there are still so many things to celebrate and be grateful for.

Here are a few creative and budget-friendly ways to celebrate milestones in 2020 and beyond, because celebrating the good things in life is still incredibly important during a pandemic.

A dainty yet pretty micro-wedding

One of the industries that were hit the hardest by the pandemic was the wedding industry. A survey of more than 900 Americans found that 63% of engaged couples decided to postpone their wedding. This is a smart decision in light of the pandemic, as the last thing we should do is to expose our high-risk loved ones to this virulent disease.

One way couples can cement their love in holy matrimony is through holding a simple, dainty, and pretty micro-wedding. In the olden times, couples only needed a marriage officiant and the document signifying the legality of the marriage. Many of today’s traditions were largely perpetuated by good marketing and are not necessary.

If you and your partner can’t wait until the pandemic is over, then consider opting for a dainty micro-wedding with only your immediate families physically present. The number of people who can gather together at one time varies from state to state, but whatever your state’s health requirements are, make sure to abide by them. After all, in the digital age, there are ways to involve all your other friends and loved ones, like through a live stream of the wedding.

Not only will a micro-wedding give an intimate feel to your special day; it will also cost much less than a bigger wedding. When all this craziness in the world is over, you and your spouse can always organize a much bigger celebration or re-commitment ceremony with your friends and family.

A simple sports fest

Perfect for bigger families in quarantine together, a simple sports fest can be a fun way to celebrate your sports-loving family member’s birthday. It’s also an excellent opportunity to encourage fitness, fun, healthy competition, and teamwork in your family. Make sure you have access to a good sports injury treatment clinic, though! You don’t want to be heavily injured during a pandemic.

If you and your family love soccer, volleyball, football, baseball, or other physical sports, organize a tournament in the backyard. E-sports can also be an option for families who love video games. Whatever sport you choose, make sure it’s something everyone can enjoy and participate in.

A scavenger hunt

easter egg hunt

Families with small kids can opt for an unforgettable birthday celebration by doing a fun scavenger hunt. Studies show that scavenger hunts help build problem-solving skills, encourage fitness and exercise, and improve teamwork among kids.

A re-creation of your most memorable moments

If dining out at restaurants is prohibited, couples celebrating their anniversary can commemorate this special milestone by re-creating some of their most memorable moments. Look back on your first date, first kiss, first selfie, first everything—and see if it’s possible to re-create those moments. It’s a romantic way of commemorating and remembering the best moments you’ve had as a couple.

A virtual baby shower

The pandemic need not get in the way of you sharing the joy of expecting with those you love. Expecting couples can still celebrate the new addition to their family by holding an online baby shower. It can have the same concept as traditional baby showers, except it’s done online. Some services, like Web Baby Showers, provide everything parents-to-be might need for an online baby shower.

Celebrate Life

With enough creativity and passion, you can find ways to celebrate important milestones in you and your family’s life. Circumstances are indeed rough, but as long as we’re alive, there are still reasons to remember and celebrate.

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