Corporate Events: Should Businesses Hire a Planning Firm?

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office partyIt can be overwhelming to prepare for a corporate event. There’s a lot of planning and logistics involved, and businesses are usually better off leaving event production planning to an outsourced, third-party agency. They’re responsible for managing design and production needs for the success of an event, as well as for the continued productivity of a business.

Services of an Event Planning Firm

An outsourced planning firm provides comprehensive event services for all stages of an event.

Planning Stage

The business should determine their purpose for a corporate event. This can include purposes for marketing, employee development, and team building. It’s only when this has been established that the event designer can begin to create marketing presentations and advertisements for event promotion.

Agencies normally provide presentation design services and support to ensure technical needs are met for each speaker. The personalized and experienced assistance they provide ensure objectives for the event are consistently met.

Event Stage

During the event itself, the event planning service ensures the function proceeds according to plan. They’ll provide necessary staffing, set up booths and props, and coordinate deliveries of marketing materials to and from the event space.

Post-Planning Stage

The outsourced firm is responsible for taking down exhibits and cleaning up a space once the event finishes. They can also follow up with attendees and create a post-event report. They’ll review these with the client for a determination of the event’s success and changes that can be made with future events.

Advantages of Outsourced Event Planning

A third-party event planner can be beneficial for many reasons. For example, they’ll be able to determine preferred and appropriate venues, negotiate pricing, and complete the necessary registrations for the event. Planners work closely with their clients to ensure a cost-effective and highly individualized plan so a company can achieve its goals for corporate events and meetings.

Company Productivity

employees celebratingA corporate event is complicated and will involve a lot of planning and preparation. Outsourcing allows employees to focus on their regular duties. This way, productivity levels can remain the same and employees aren’t distracted with planning.

A professional planner will be more effective and efficient when making preparations because of their experience doing so. In-house planning will likely be less effective because a business’s employees are not accustomed to doing such planning.


An event planning agency handles event logo and marketing design. They’ll be able to pick design content that serves as a refreshing and more innovative perspective for a brand.

Rate Reduction

Planning services often get discounts and deals with event vendors. With this connection, businesses can get up to 10% off on venues, suppliers, caterers, photographers, and florists. Planning take a lot less time because professionals already have an established set of vendors and venues they can work with. When planning is done in-house, on the other hand, it is likely to take much longer for them to find the relevant resources.

A company can also use the same event planning firm for their events throughout the year. In doing so, they can negotiate a good planning fee. The success of a corporate event depends, largely, on planning and preparation stages, so it’s important that a business ensures these proceed smoothly.

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