Construction Equipment are More Than Just Tools

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A construction is incomplete without the necessary tools. Whether it is a home construction or large-scale commercial project, tools such as heavy equipment are there fit for the job. But what importance do these heavy machinery have aside from construction?

The construction industry is ever-growing as developing nations progress. Business and government projects drive the construction industry for economic success. Without construction, there will be no infrastructure for business, health, transport, and education. It continues to push the ASEAN economy by 6% from 2018-2022. Not much of an impact, but it is a stable rise in the economy as the government continues with projects for national development.

Construction is a laborious work that requires brute strength. Manpower is not enough to dig the deepest holes or lift the heaviest of materials in construction. Every construction site needs machinery to aid the fast completion of a project because every project has a deadline, budget, and schedule. Which means that a project with extended deadlines is costly.

Tools of Trade

But what heavy machinery do construction firms use to hasten projects? There are a number of machines used that have specific functions, and brands that produce the finest construction machinery.

Volvo is one of the trusted brands as they have more than 180 years of technical know-how. Volvo has been in the construction equipment excavator business long enough that their 75 years of excavator experience has led them to develop some of the world’s finest earth moving equipment. Aside from excavators, there are other tools of the trade in the construction industry that are being used to this day. Here are some of them:

  • Wheel loaders

The first wheel loader was made by Volvo Construction Equipment in 1954. Wheel loaders are articulated machines used to move or load materials such as dirt, asphalt, gravel, rock, sand, and demolition debris. They come in an array of sizes depending on the needs of the site. Smaller compact wheel loaders, for example, is good for small projects in homes or private properties.

  • Articulated hauler

Also known as articulated dump trucks, are large heavy-duty trucks used to transport terrain and other fragments loaded on its deep open bed at the back. It is usually an all-wheel drive, so steering can be easy even on off-road tracks.

  • Construction truck

  • Rigid hauler

It is designed to transport large, chunky, and abrasive materials, unlike the articulated hauler. But the rigid hauler is limited to only run on flat surfaces as it doesn’t do well in difficult terrains like the articulated hauler.

  • Compactor

Roller or soil compactors are heavy machinery used to compact soil, gravel, and other aggregates. Commonly seen on road work, it is also used to compact the soil to make it ready for foundation or concrete floor preparation.

These are a few of the basic construction machinery that are used in every construction site there is. Other types of machines and attachments are also available depending on the supplier. So better get a good equipment that can help speed up a project. Lessen costly construction with extended deadlines and invest in an efficient machine today.

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