Emerging Technologies In The Complementary & Alternative Medicine Industry

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Amidst the global pandemic, people are becoming more and more health-conscious with each passing day, actively making healthier lifestyle decisions and seeking every possible method of guaranteeing their health and well-being. And apart from the standard of social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment such as face masks and shields, we are seeing more and more people purchase multivitamins and the like in an effort to combat all signs of illness.

On the other hand, the complementary and alternative medicine industry has also been steadily growing over the past years, and the global pandemic has only strengthened that rate at which it has experienced this level of growth. However, with new emerging technologies entering the center stage, we see drastic improvements in the industry standard that will definitely help complementary and alternative therapies to become more mainstream. So, today we’ll be going over what these innovations could mean for the future of the industry and the speculative growth that businesses can expect.

Acupuncture Is More Than Just Needles

Acupuncture has its roots set in traditional Chinese medicine that manipulates and manages the flow of energy in the body at different meridians through fine needles. And while in concept, the therapy may appear sound and straightforward, one major critique of the treatment was the lack of objective data and reliable feedback of positive effects. However, recent innovations have made real-time monitoring possible to give both practitioners and patients a more conclusive perspective of the body. Specifically, it has increased the effectiveness of electro-acupuncture therapy.

  • Real-time Monitoring: Conventional electro-acupuncture relied on electric stimulation and the tradition of using pressure points and meridians to alleviate stress and reduce pain. And with the help of an intelligent acupuncture system that enables real-time monitoring, both the patient and practitioner can actively observe the electrical activity of the muscles involved and follow the EMG signals of the body. As a result, widespread adoption of this innovation will lead to more conclusive data to be drawn from acupuncture. And with its affordable price tag, you might even see these fully operational the next time you get acupuncture therapy.
  • Vibration Therapy: Another recent addition to acupuncture technology is the combination of other forms of alternative medicine to treat pain, such as vibration therapy. We’ve already seen the adoption of vibration massage devices from professional athletes to reduce any muscle pain when performing and to keep them in peak condition, and this technology has also made its way to chiropractic practice. With the help of vibration massage devices, it has proven to improve the efficacy of acupuncture and vice versa.


Improved Chiropractic Technology

Chiropractic therapy is defined as hands-on spinal manipulation done through quick movements, and while we’ve seen more people open up to chiropractic adjustments, recent developments in technology have enabled practitioners to further perfect their craft. Improved chiropractic technology now allows aspiring chiropractors to train and practice through different mediums that will allow them to immerse themselves in real situations before working in a professional clinic.

  • Adjusting Training Mannequins: Mannequins and tutorial videos were always the subjects of training, but with today’s adjusting training mannequins, they can provide immediate feedback and response regarding the chiropractic adjustment. From crucial data such as the area manipulated to the amount of tension released, this technology can greatly help practitioners become more competent and precise with their adjustments.
  • VR Educational Chiropractic Adjustments: Virtual Reality has explored many realms of healthcare, such as its efficacy in adjunct home therapy, but in the context of chiropractic therapy, there now exists many VR educational applications that give hands-on training from the comfort of their homes. Since the pandemic severely limits face-to-face interactions, this is an excellent alternative to train and learn more about chiropractic adjustments without putting anyone at risk.

And That’s Not Mentioning Other Therapies And Practices

However, despite acupuncture and chiropractic therapy taking the spotlight above, that isn’t to say other forms of complementary and alternative medicine are slacking off. The same progress has been seen with cupping, moxibustion, and scraping as more and more research and development goes into these therapies that will also enable them to enter the mainstream. Soon enough, clinics and businesses in the industry will boom as more people warm up to the idea of alternative medicine and therapy.

The Future Of Alternative Medicine Industry Is Bright

In conclusion, the future of the complementary and alternative medicine industry is bright. While the effects of the global pandemic are nothing to scoff at, we can at least appreciate that more people are becoming health conscious and aware of these different mediums to guarantee their well-being. And we can expect future growth and more upward trend in these healthcare-related industries.


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