Cleaning Tips for Busy Mom: Give Yourself More Time to Relax

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It is tough being a mom. Even waking up early in the morning may already be a chore because you need to make breakfast and wake up the kids for school. You also have other duties at home that often last until you sleep.

On top of keeping the family happy and healthy, moms plan meals, cook, do the laundry, iron clothes, fold and sort them, and clean the entire house. Moms barely have “me time” as they juggle work and family life.

Maintaining the house clean is important in keeping the family happy and healthy. Keep the following tips in mind to make cleaning easier and buy a few hours for your much needed “me time:”

Keep a Schedule

As a mom, the “to do” list just goes on and on, especially when you’re working as well. Keeping a schedule helps you get things done faster and makes you utilize your time better by having the right tools at hand before starting.

Heavier cleaning may be done on weekends while light cleaning such as sweeping the floor may be inserted in daily schedules. This can also ensure that dirt and mess do not accumulate in areas inside the house. This will keep you off from pouring all the weekend time into cleaning instead of spending time with family.

By keeping a schedule, moms can also ask their children to help out.

Employ the Help of Your Kids

Start with teaching them to put away their toys, folding clean laundry then setting up and cleaning the table after meals. Not only this will teach the children to become responsible and form good habits at a young age, but also keep some of the tasks off your load.

Take a quick rest while you watch your kids do their cleaning duties or turn it into a sweet bonding time between you and your children.

Scrub Your Oven then Do other Chores

After emptying your oven, apply a layer of baking soda then do a quick spray of vinegar. Let it soak for a while and attend to other chores, like organizing the utensil and plates cabinet. Come back later to wipe your oven clean.

Use an Extension for the Vacuum

The vacuum helps a lot with cleaning the house. It makes cleaning couches for pet hair a lot easier, too. Having to unplug and plug it again, however, takes time. Moms may use an extension to widen the reach of your vacuum.

Note also that technology allows the development of more modern vacuums, like those from Dyson that offer convenience such as being cordless. Keep your favorite cleaning tool at maximum efficiency and contact a professional in case your machine needs repairing, checking, and cleaning.

Keeping Couches and Carpets Clean

person cleaning the sofa

You may vacuum or use a lint roller—do quick swipes down—in cleaning your couches of pet fur that may contain substances that can trigger asthma. Combing your pet’s hair outside the house may help too.

For water stains, you may use lemon and rub them on affected areas. Allow for some time for it to work then rinse it off.

Mothers often perform the majority of household chores. As a mom, you should learn a few tricks to make your routine more efficient and easier to give you more time to relax and rest. Encourage your kids to help as well so they grow up as responsible individuals.

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