Becoming a Real-life Cupid: Making a Career Out of Matchmaking

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There’s no denying that dating is hard these days. It was already a challenge pre-pandemic, but the COVID-19 crisis made it even harder for people looking to date and eventually find their soulmates. If you have a good track record of introducing people who ended up together, or if you’re simply a romantic who wants to help others find their happily ever after, here are some tips for making a career out of being a matchmaker.

Start small.

Do not despise small beginnings, as they say. There is so much benefit to starting with the people in your inner circle because it can give you hands-on training when you finally provide professional services to clients. Start by looking at your friends, seeing who’s looking to meet anyone, and making a list of people you think will be good for your friend. Here are some key pointers to doing it right:

  • Don’t encroach your friends’ boundaries. If they say no, take it as a no and look for other friends who might be interested.
  • Make sure you have a relationship with the people you will ask. Experts say that cold-calling potential clients who don’t know you produce leads at a slower and lower rate, and that’s only in business and sales. How much more if it’s something as serious and personal as their dating life?
  • Don’t just pair up random people; consider what your friends say they’re looking for and choose someone who’s also on the lookout and fits your friend’s description.

If you find success in match-making people you already know, you might have a shot at doing it professionally for clients. You can boast of a 100 percent success rating, too.

Develop an app.

Another way to create a match-making service is by developing an app or website yourself. If you have a background in software development, you can leverage that skill to create an online service that can help match singles up with each other, but in a more personal way. Apps like Bumble and Tinder might be good for people who don’t mind being matched up by an algorithm, but for people who want a more personalized experience, your app might be the online service they’re looking for.

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Join a dating service company.

If there are already reputable and successful dating service companies in your area, consider partnering or collaborating with them. You can also apply to join their company. It will be a great second step for leaning the ropes around matching people up and dealing with clients looking for a significant other.

Plan virtual events for singles.

The pandemic has made it hard, if not impossible, for singles to meet other singles and start a relationship. Bars and restaurants have not been open, and most people have been staying home as much as they can. You can help close this gap by hosting virtual events that these singles can pay for to join. Here are some ideas for how it can go:

  • It can be a simple Zoom call with activities and games that everyone can participate in.
  • Use the program’s features to give people time to get to know each other one-on-one, speed dating style.

Use your own platform.

If you have a significant social media following, consider asking your followers if they’re looking for people to date, and encourage them to post (safe) information about themselves and what they’re looking for, then boost those posts on your social media accounts. Just remind people to be careful and take every safety measure before meeting with people in real life. You’re not liable for any danger they might face. If you find success the first time, consider starting a social media account specifically for this strategy.

Create safety guidelines to protect your clients.

When people are lonely, they might be tempted to meet up with just anyone without doing their due diligence. Ensure that your potential clients present proof that they are of legal age and that they’re joining your service with the right intentions. Consider hiring legal counsel to make sure everything you’re doing is always above board. You need to do all that you can, not just to protect yourself but also the people who will enlist your services.

Loneliness is also a pandemic, and many people need help finding someone they can connect with and maybe even spend the rest of their lives with. If you want to be part of this process, consider your skill and strengths and help match people. It might make for a fruitful and lucrative lifelong career.

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